18 April 2010

You are going to make me read that?

No please....don't make me read that.  I don't want to read that...Please, I will do anything.

Ok, this is my life circa 1987....yep, did not want to read any of the assigned reading.  Yeah, I was burned pretty hard with that whole Diary of a Young Girl stuff from Anne Frank...the whole girl scene...scared me to death.

Well, so I did not want to read any of the assigned reading that we had to do.  I did however have to because I did not want a bad grade so I read "A Tale of Two Cities" "The Scarlett Letter"  "The Mayor of Casterbridge"  "To Kill a Mockingbird"  "Alice in Wonderland"  "A Farewell to Arms" and this list goes on and on.

Here is the thing. I read the books so that I would not fail...yep, and guess what...I liked some of them.  Yep, to this day "The Scarlett Letter"  "The Mayor of Casterbridge"  and "A Farewell to Arms" are on my top ten list of all time favorite books.

For those that have not read them.....

A Scarlett Letter is about a lady named Hester that well....commits adultery and has to wear a scarlet "a" on her dress.  There is a baby and a priest involved and it is a GREAT book.  Written by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Mayor of Casterbridge is about a guy named Michael that sells his wife and family because he was broke.  Only to realize when she is gone that he loved her and it was too late now.  Well, he becomes this Mayor of a town and she comes back into his life.  They reunite and well someone dies. Written by Thomas Hardy........ A GREAT READ!!!

A Farewell to Arms is a wonderful story of a guy named Henry that is an American but joins the Italian army during WWI. He falls in love with Catherine Barkley and they are very in love.  She gets pregnant, he gets injured, and someone dies...and someone else is almost killed.  I LOVE this book!!!  Written by Big Poppa himself, Hemingway.

What else is good that you may not think about?  Have you tried Gone with the Wind?   What about the North and South series (North and South, Love and War, Heaven and Hell)?  How about Jane Eyre?  The Six Wives of Henry VIII?  HOw about Edgar Allen Poe?  Or maybe Rip Van Winkle?  Alice in Wonderland is good too!  Series that are good?  How about the Little House books?  Or the Anne of Green Gables series?  Or the Star Wars and Star Trek series? 

Whatever it is pick up a book...give it a whirl, you may find out that you like...no LOVE it!!!