28 August 2011

Blue Moon

This week I am making cards for me to use next year that are a year on the life but more of a reflection on life and not typical events. I am using 3 events that everyone uses....Christmas, Father's Day and Mother's Day.  For Mother's Day, I really wanted to use this clip art that I found. 
I found this on a free site   http://www.freeretroclipart.com/, you can't use it for commercial use, but you can use it on your own.  You want to be careful with copyright, that is why usually I use my own drawings, but this one is too good to pass up.  There is also a blog on this site that is very worthy of your time.


Here is my creation:

To get the look:
You need lots of papers and junk in your craft bin. I had a ripped up doily, a page from an old Bible, a tag from my tagger that says "so easy to attach" an old Hugs label and a yucky old tag made new by Tim Holtz inks (spun sugar, broken china, old paper and walnut stain).  The Ali Edwards handwriting font on your computer and blue ribbon.  This was fun

26 August 2011

Stacy Renee Isbell "Squirt" Robinson

Is a girl I have known since I was very very very young. Our parents introduced us to each other. She had hair that was so long, black and silky and I was jealous about that! She had a massive collection of teddy bears and a pool table (very fun) and my favorite part of her house was this little spiral staircase (I don't even remember if I even knew where it went---I never climbed it, but I did sit on it). She had some teen idol stuff in her room and a day bed in the corner.

Her mom was precious, but I really don't remember her dad too much (I think he was at work when I visited).

We rode the bus together for 8 years. We were friends but not close friends...then we went to high school. I think we might have ridden the bus together then, but I have blocked out all high school bus riding experiences! We did start hanging out more and more. When she got her license we began making a figure 8 around the little town of Mayfield. We would sing songs, chase boys, and continue making that circle. When I got my license we would take turns cruising in her very cool car (a red Barretta?) and my lovely long stylish wood-paneled station wagon (HEY). We were hip, young and cool. AND LOUD! Wait, maybe that was me!

She graduated from high school and went to Murray and left me. We both fell in love and married, she moved away, I moved away. Sad sad sad, but all these years later, we are still friends. I still think of her. Like today (August 27), the anniversary of her birth. Friend, may your day be full of happiness!

Happy 40th!!!!!!!

25 August 2011

I can't fight this craving any longer

Let me tell you a story. A story of a lady that pulled into a McDonald's on Music Valley Drive in Nashville, TN on August 6, 2011.  She was starving to death and had just made some $$$$ working for a scrapbook vendor.  She ordered a double cheeseburger, fries, coke, and a ROLO McFlurry.  She had to devour the McFlurry quickly because she was driving and did not want to spill any on her lap.  It was YUMMY!!! So YUMMY she wished that she had ordered a large ROLO McFlurry.

She told her husband about the McFlurry and told him of her desire to have another one.  A week or so went by and she was still thinking of that McFlurry.  One day she was going to be driving by McDonald's during lunchtime.  She pulled into the drive through...ordered her #6 with a coke and a small ROLO McFlurry.  She was given a total and she pulled to the window.

Upon her arrival, the girl (with lovely nails) leaned out and said: "Honey, the ice cream machine is broken."  REALLY????   Feeling sad and extremely disappointed she ate her burger while longing for that ROLO McFlurry.

A week or so later her hubby went to McDonald's after football practice.  His mission to feed his son and bring the wifey a McFlurry.  He called a few minutes later, the line was out onto the street, there was NO way she was getting that ROLO on that night.

Days went by and the sweet husband decided to give it one more shot.  He pulled through the drive-through line, ordered and was told: "the credit card machine is broken."  He doesn't carry cash.  What is this a conspiracy?  Was the lovely lady ever going to have the ROLO McFlurry?  Would she be forever to just dream of the taste of the caramel and little chocolate candy pieces?  Would she forever be angry with the Lone Oak Road McDonald's for ruining her McFlurry experience?

No, that lovely little hubby would leave the McDonald's parking lot and go to the ATM, where he was reunited with greenbacks and the wife was very happy that the second ROLO McFlurry was just as good as the first one!

Thank you to McDonald's, John Champion and Abe Lincoln (ATM). 

21 August 2011

Owl love lips

This weekend, I had a client that wanted a card featuring owls and lips.  I decided I would make a 3-D card to reflect the clients choices.  I wanted to be a little different but not too different.  I decided to make a shutter fold card, because they are unique (as the client is).  It is a very fun fold to make, if you never have made it you should definitely give it a whirl.  I got my instructions from spilitcoasters.  I searched for various card fold a while back and just saved them.  BAM!  A unique fold whenever you need it.  Here is the shutter card...http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/resources/tutorials/trishuttercard/

This card makes me happy. It is very distressed, very happy and perfect for a 21 year old girl.

To get the look:

Purple card stock---Hobby Lobby open stock
Owl stamps---Wise guys by Technique Tuesday
Letter stamps---Inkadinkadoo
Purple patterned paper, all papers for the owl---from my scrapbin
Inks--Tim Holtz distress inks (walnut stain, frayed burlap, spun sugar, tea dye, vintage photo)
front of card closed

front of card opened

back of card open

Gingersnap Creations: GC 112

This challenge was fun for me because I love the look of steampunk.  Like an Abe Lincoln meets James Bond kind of look.  Like the old Wild Wild West show from the 70's (or was it 60's?).  I notice this look is everywhere in movies (Sherlock Homes and Cowboys and Aliens), on t shirts (very nice) and in the craft aisles. I admit I am one of the big buyer on those craft aisles.  I have quite a few steampunk stamps, rub ons, papers and cardstock.

Today I happened upon this challenge and had to take part.

To get my look:
Vintage Ladies stamps
Butterfly stamp by Hampton Art
Words paper (a scrap) by Prima
Flower paper by Graphic 45
Grunge board pieces by Tim Holtz
Peeled paint crackle paint by Tim Holtz
Inks--Distress Inks by Tim Holtz in Walnut stain, vintage photo, old paper, tea dye, frayed burlap
Achieve font is Bleeding Cowboy


Mojo Monday 204

This weeks sketch let me us some of the techniques that I have learned from my little scrapbook hero, Tim Holtz. I got to use some distressing with some of the inks and a resist technique with paint that I LOVE!!!  Also featured in one of my felt roses that I made.

Get my look:
Stamp by Hampton Art
Card stock came from my scrap bin
Distress Stickles vintage photo by Tim Holtz
Inks...all stress inks vintage photo, walnut stain, old paper, tea dye, fired brick and broken china
rose by me
paint by American vanilla white

17 August 2011

Slow down, you're moving way to fast...

I remember as a child I would think things like "when I grow up" and "I am going to do ______ when I am grown". These are statements that ALL of us made as children.

It happened, we did grow up. Many of us now have children. Those precious little babies that screamed all night long with colic. Those little babies that used to think we rocked the world. Those little babies that would desire nothing but for us to feed, hold and love on them.

They too are growing up. They now sleep through the night (thank goodness) and sleep like rocks. As a matter of fact, they are old enough now to put themselves to bed!!! Those little babies have now seen some of the world and realize "yeah my parents aren't as cool as they used to be" or "my parents are stupid". And don't even think about hugging or kissing them where ANYONE might see them. That would be the worst thing you could do.

Time "fixes" everything. I look at my children and things they say are the SAME things that I said and I am certain that my parents probably said the same thing when they were young. My children are 14 and 9. Not too old no, but they are growing up so fast.

I was thinking the other day about our little two bedroom apartment with that long hallway in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hannah walked down that hallway as a very tiny child. She logged about one million jumps on the Johnny Jumper in that hallway. She would squeal with delight when I would say "tomorrow I am taking you to the library". That was almost 14 years ago.

With Trevor, I remember him being so sick as an infant. So sick we weren't sure he would ever come home. Then he did and he screamed all the time. All the time! Did I mention ALL THE TIME? One of his first words was "ball" and those massively long blonde curls that he had.

The sweet times are gone. Now, she is a teenager, who hates that I am even typing these words. He is a boy that can just go outside for ten minutes and come in smelling like he hasn't had a bath in two weeks.

They no longer need me to pick out their clothes, make all their meals, to entertain them. But kids, listen up. You are not done with me! Who do you want when your tooth hurts? When you are throwing up? When you want to play catch? When you need new pants, purses, shoes? When you need MONEY???? That's right your mom and dad.

It's a cycle that hasn't ended...parents have kids, kids grow up, kids become parents....round and round it goes.

14 August 2011

CR84FN 36

This week's challenge was very hard for me...for starters I DO NOT like yellow.  So I have to learn to think out of my comfort zone, which honestly was the whole reason that I started doing CR84FN.

Here is my attempt to make my most hated color ExCiTiNG!

All the cards feature these products: 
I took 2 12x12 sheets of Wild Saffron paper (by K&Co)
one white cardstock
1 8 1/2 x 11 kraft card stock
and some scraps and came up with all of these projects
Black ink---stazon
brown ink---choc chip Stampin UP!
Distress inks---Tim Holtz (walnut stain, frayed burlap, tea dye, spun sugar, broken china, emboss, and old paper)

Wise owl....features Technique Tuesday tile, alcohol ink, stamps by TT and mustard yellow craft smart acrylic paint

Flower by Making Memories, Just for you stamp by Heidi Grace, all patterned paper by K&Co and pop dots by Zots

Lemonade....primary yellow by Americana acrylic paint, yellow embossing powder by Stampendous, large flourish stamp by Stampin UP! Baroque Motifs

Special you---thinking of you stamp by Heidi Grace, doily from a CKC kit and all threads from scrapbin

Superstar---superstar and star stamp by TT, heart stamp by inkakinkadoo, antique linen Distress crackle paint, primsa watercolor pencils and Caramel alcohol ink

I hope you enjoy! 

CKC in Nashville Tn

I have looked forward to going back to CKC since Sept 11, 2010.  It was canceled last year due to the flooding, but back this year better than ever.  I decided after last time that I wanted MORE classes.  This year, I took 9.  Well, I took 6 there and brought home the class kits for 3 more (I had arrived late due to work).  I would like to share some of the items that I have been working on.

These photos are from only 5 of the 9 class kits.  I am still working on the others.  You don't get to finish the projects in class (except the layout one).  There is a flip side, I can come home and add paint and TONS of ink, which is exactly what I did.

I did NONE of the design layouts for these.

08 August 2011

Thinking of you Mojo

insert tag
Today's card was inspired by me looking for a reason to send someone dear to me a card. I thought a "thinking of you" card would be appropriate. I made this one to go a step further. It features a pocket in the top of the card. This card could be used for birthday purposes, thank yous, or a simply "you are kind". With the pocket you could slide in a personal note, a Ghirardelli chocolate square or even a gift card.
I think this card can be a lot of fun.

Check it out:

I used a cream cardstock for the base-recollections Michaels.
Bailey K&Co patterned paper on top of that.
The pocket is made from Annalee by Prima.
The green ribbon is extra from something I bought.
The pink ribbon is portafolia from Sam's.
Strip of paper and paper used for flower leaves are Annalee by Prima.
All flowers are Prima.
Pink fan fold base is from Bazzil cardstock scored 1/4 on a Martha Stewart scoring board.
Pearls orgins are unknown I got them at the CKC class this weekend.
Thinking of you stamp by Heidi Grace.
Swirl stamp is Baroque Motifs by Stampin UP!
Script words stamp on tag is Hero Arts.

Inks used:
Distress inks----
Walnut Stain, Spun Sugar, Old Paper, Frayed Burlap, Emboss Ink, Vintage Photo and Peeled Paint

Brown ink---Chocolate Chip by Stampin UP!
Black ink-Stazon

Embossing powder--Distress by Tim Holtz in Vintage Photo
flower with fan fold

inside of the pocket

05 August 2011

August Apps

My list of favorites for the month of August.

1. TweetDeck--I have fallen deep in love with this app I said I would "never" use and made MANY scrapbook contacts on here

2. Vignette Demo photo- Not as good as the iPhone Instagram, but will work in a pinch.

3. My Data Usage---I love this little thingy.

4. My fitness pal---I can keep up with my meals and see how many calories things have. Thanks, James Humphrey's for this one.

5. 50's and 60's tv theme songs---perfect for someone like myself that LOVES tv theme song. I can sing every one of them

6. Amazon Kindle---yep, read every day, "I cannot live without books" (Thomas Jefferson)

7. Gowalla--way better than facebook check-in

8. HBO to go---MOVIES on my phone!!!!

9. My Book Droid---an on my phone way to keep up with the books I own and read. I am still trying to put in the database that I created. This will be so much better and portable for me.

10. Travelocity---a great way to keep up with cruise prices

Thanks for reading

03 August 2011

A new chapter

I am beginning a new chapter in my life.  A chapter I wasn't sure I would ever make.  I have butterflies about it, but more than that, I have excitement.  The excitement that I will learn new skills, new friends and new experiences.  The chapter opened yesterday and I must say was as fast-paced and fun as I expected.

Yesterday I began my journey to learn to be a person that works from 7-3. Yesterday I began a journey that teaches me to be a mom at night instead of a zombie. Yesterday I started a journey that will enable me to get dinner on the table by 5:30 so my son can be on time for ball practice. Yesterday I began a journey that will allow ME to assist in homework (I have NEVER done that!!!!). Yesterday I began a journey that will allow more time to build my art business because that is something I have wanted since I was a small child.

To all my OBOE friends, I shall miss you bunches. Some of you have been in my life for over TEN years. I have helped wipe your tears, pray for you, and be your friend. And more importantly, you OBOE friends have provided that for ME! Thank you for all you have done for me. God brought each of you into my life for a reason and I am blessed for having known you.

Now to my Verizon OBOE friends (sorry gotta play carrier favorites here), I am still available for prayer, advice, friendship, and I hope you will still be there for me too. My non-Verizon friends, I still have an unlimited data plan, so email away :). My phone still doesn't type great because I focused on artwork this weekend and NOT going to the Verizon store, so you MUST bear with typos!

Thank you again for all you have done for me. You OBOE people have given me things that you probably don't realize, you have taught me things that I will carry with me forever...a simple thank you is not enough to cover that, but please know it is from the heart and it's all I have (until I inherit millions of dollars and buy OBOE the greatest building it ever could imagine).

02 August 2011

I am

What defines you? Have you ever thought about this at all?  Are you defined by something you have done or something that you do?  You might want to think about this...you are living your legacy.  Do you want to be known as a lazy bum who cared only for yourself, or do you want people to say that you had a servant's heart and cared and did things for others and not themselves? 

I have been thinking about this a lot.  I have tried through both my job and other ways to be a giver. A person who gives time and talent to the good of others. Yes, I scrapbook every chance I get, that is for my family.  The works are for the people in my life.

In my scrapbooking, I am trying to convey memories just in case I ever end up like my grandmother and have no memories.  In case, something were to happen.  And I will be honest, I try to do it in a style that will get me noticed.  That is the legacy I can leave, to help or give tips to other people so they can/will make their life memories.

Not all of my pages are ones that I would share with people, some simply are not that good.  Some are for the family only.  A message to my children, a note about myself, a letter to my spouse, or a very private memory that I do not want to forget.  Others are those that will be in the family albums that ANYONE can see.  It is very important to do all types of memories.  We are only here for a short time...leave those memories!!!!

Make a layout of things you like, things you have done, things you want to do.  Make a prayer journal, a books read journal, a favorite quotes journal.  There is no right or wrong way....as long as you record it!!!

01 August 2011

Mojo Monday 202

This weeks Monday Monday was a must do for me. I loved the little triangle elements from the first glance.  Here is what I came up with....I hope you like it. 

word stamp by Technique Tuesday
Party stamp by Inkadinkadoo
Patterned paper by K&Co
all card stock from my scrapbin
ink by Tim Holtz Tea Dye
scallop punches by Stampin UP!!!

Limited supplies

What do you do when you only have the following:
one sheet of Bazzil red 12x12 cardstock
one sheet of Green 12x12 cordinations cardstock
one sheet 8.5x11cream cardstock
and one 12x12 citronella K&Co paper?
And that is ALL you have paper wise...you may use inks, embellishments, whatever as needed but you may not use any more paper, not even from your scrapbin!

That was my challenge today and I think I did ok given the materials that I limited myself too.  I even made it harder for me, I could not open any cabinets, so I limited myself to no buttons, no wires, no thread, but I did have paint, flowers and ink.

All the cards that I made

Amazing you, with a handpainted border

cute card even though I miss spelled it

I always loved this style card, today is the first day I have been able to make it.  Prima flowers, I love you too. 

all that was left