24 June 2011

Mojo Monday 196

I decided not to make a card this week.  I have wanted to use this "Hannah" element for some time.  This was something that Hannah got from a girl scout leader about 5 years ago and I keep holding onto it.  It was perfect for this semi floral page that I wanted to make for her.  She is like a little flower.  Beautiful, funny, goofy, and pretty smart.  I forgot to say she was a wonderful flute player (what is the special term for that?)

I have no idea what the Hannah element is made from.  It used to be a Hershey's chocolate bar wrapper.  And it was a wonderful idea (wish I had made it).  The brown paper is recollections, the orange is from Autumn Splendor by Making Memories, the pink is from my scrapbin.  The background and the floral patterned paper is by K and Co, I bought this in a pack of K&Co greatest hits. If I am correct in my deductions, this paper is the Wild Raspberry line.  If I am wrong would you please tell me?  It is very important to me that I have the right names on my collections.  My scrapbook space is like a label OCD perfection zone.  I like it all labeled and correctly.

The 3d flower was made by me.  I used a piece of all the papers on the page, some shimmer ink (sea glass) and lots of water.  I think it turned out great.  The tiniest little pink flower is from the Brides collection at Michael's.  The photo was taken at my baby's 8th-grade graduation.

Life's a Beach card

CR84FN 32

This weeks challenge is a very summery color combo.  It makes me think of lemonade and blueberry pie...yummy.  I did two cards.

This one is a small card 3x3.  It features a Hampton Art Steampunk stamp.  I used my crayola watercolor pencils to color in the butterfly.  His trail is made with raven Palmer acrylic paint. The green flowers are Prima and they are fabulous.  They feature a frosting on each one.  I adore them.  The brad is a making memories.  Cardstock is all from my scrapbin.  Glue is Scotch.  Background stamp is Baroque border by Stampin UP!  

the acetate with the painting on the front in raven by Palmer

the title and the design element. I was laying it out to see how it would look.

Finished product

I used only 4 colors of paint.  Mustard Yellow by Craft Smart, Spearmint by Craft Smart and Green Middle by Winsor and Newton (love this paint) and of course white.  The ink on the card is black by Stazon.  All cardstock is from my scrapbin.  I believe the yellow is bazzill, it sure feels like it anyway.  This was fun, thanks for letting me play along. 

14 June 2011

Funny Face Artwork 6/14/11

Today I finished a few sketches that I have been working on for some time.  They are inspired by random things.  The first set is inspired by the movie Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn.  I haven't seen the movie in a long time but I just got the soundtrack and it is really taking me back.  Boujour Paris!!!  I decided to make a scrapbook page with the them "Think Pink" which happens to be my favorite song from the movie.  In the movie Audrey is posing for a magazine and in one shot she is posing in a typical 1950's high fashion (maybe Dior?) ensemble with balloons.  Here is my take on it:

Finished Eiffel Tower

Painting the skin
Painting the dress

adding the black
finished product

ready to put on the page...that is coming later

13 June 2011

Mojo Monday 195

I missed last week's submission by 15 minutes.  What was I thinking?  Dork!  OH well, I am back this week.  I did not make a card this week, I made a 12x12 layout for my Carnival cruise ship vacation in October.  With the way I have been working on this, I am going to have it scrapped before I even take a picture.  Anyhoo, this is the front page.  I thought it was a good layout for a "now that I have your attention" kind of page. Hope you like it!

To get the look:
Teal cardstock is from the HObby Lobby 4 for $1 sale
All other cardstock is from my scrapbin  (so that I live up to this week's self impose challenge---I have to do a page using paper scraps)
Flowers are made by me...one is tulle from a wedding, one is white fabric from who knows what and one is a ribbon from a little girls headband (mmmm, recycle challenge too)
Sewing is all done by me using DMC thread B5200 (white) and 3348 (green)
Button from my sewing box
pen by sharpie
All I need is the first picture of that beautiful cruise ship.

11 June 2011

I'm your biggest fan

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fan in the sample photo. I have never used a fan in anything I have done and thought what a great way to start.  The color choices, I think, could go either male or female so I made my card that way. A generic pick me up card that I could give anyone.  I actually have someone in mind all ready.  Thanks CR84FN for this week's "think outside your box" moment.

To do what I have done you will need:

Paisley pattern by My Mind's Eye-Bohemia
Pink (2 shades used) and Green cardstock by recollections found at Michael's
Scallop circle punch by Stampin UP!
Brown ribbon found in my scrap bin (I believe it was for the .50 rolls found at Michael's
Brown ink by Stampin UP! Chocolate Chip
Patterned paper circles were drawn and cut by me

Thanks for letting me play along

10 June 2011

Private Eyes

My Mind's Eye Challenge:

This was so fun, my favorite paper line ever (which btw I am running low on) and my beautiful kid with a little Hall and Oates mixed in.  I loved this!  Thank you for letting me participate, I hope I win!!!!!

to get my look you need:
MME Bohemia paper...the green and blue collection (I am finishing up my 3rd pack of this paper)
Brown ribbon from my scrap bin
Brown paper from the same place
Rhinestones from Bling Bling by Bead Party
Pen by Martha Stewart black
Circle punch (sm) by Stampin UP!
Large circles drawn by me
Pop Dots by Elmer's
Sewing by me
Letters by Cricut Calligraphy cartridge
buttons from my sewing box
Thread by DMC
stamp by Stampin UP!  Broque Motifs
Chipboard by Technique Tuesday
wire was something I found in a box, I have no idea where it came from or what it is for

09 June 2011

For April Rambo

It seems as though my desire to be a noticed artist (hopefully paid) is getting on April Ramo's nerves.  She says "I usually love your blog, but lately all you talk about it cruises and crafts".  In an effort to keep the peace today I shall talk about nonsense just to please Miss Rambo.

1.  Why is it that Ron was cute-ish in the Half-Blood Prince but really ugly in the Deathly Hallows?

2.  Does it really matter if the toilet paper goes up or down?

3.  Why has the Paducah Sun's online edition gone up so much?

4.  Why do doctors not take into consideration that the patient may be too old and sick to handle the treatment?

5. Why is Dobby so cute and Kreacher is NASTY???

The thought of the day...Do unto others is not a practice of most people in America.  It is more of a "What can you do for me, while I treat you like crap" world.  If someone is kind to you, tell them to thank you.

The smell of a charcoal grill WILL make you crave a hamburger.

Corn on the cob is delicious raw!!!!!

My cat is adorable but mean.

I am as excited as a child waiting for Santa Claus in hope for Breaking Dawn.

I need a good book to read that keeps my attention. And won't cost a fortune.

Is this random enough for you April Rambo?

07 June 2011

The $300 haircut

Dear John Edwards,
I have never liked you or your liberal agenda. I have never thought you were a good candidate for either VP or Pres. I never thought you were "honest" with me. Yeah, I was judging you, but that was my job because I was supposed to choose if I wanted you to be our leader.  Something about you bothered me.  I thought "here is a good looking man but something doesn't add up".  I now see that my instincts were correct in that area.

I am disgusted that you had a wife and 4 children (I am counting Wade here) and an immense amount of money.  You had many people that looked up to you; your family, your constituents and the American public that supported you.  The people that gave you money and put their faith in you...because you portrayed yourself as a man of the people.  A family man, who stood by his wife through her cancer treatments, her terrible diagnosis and mourning the loss of your son.  You pretended to be a man of the people, one of us only with a bit more money. Ah, this is what I did not buy. You can't pay someone for a $300 haircut and claim that you are for the lower and middle class.  These are people that may make minimum wage when they get a raise it might buy 2 cases of coke that week....$300 would probably pay their rent and for sure buy them things they could dream of.  $300 that you threw away on a haircut!! REALLY???? A haircut?  Yeah, this was the beginning of your downfall.  All the time you pretended to be like us, you were cheating on your wife, denying a child that you fathered, turning your back on your ill wife, and doing who knows what with your campaign money.  Campaign money that people sent to you in good faith.  You were supposed to help make their life better...you were supposed to be an example, a mentor...what were you???????? A SNAKE!!!!

I never voted for you, never intended to. I did not trust you.. I see that I was correct in my gut feeling.  I am sorry for your wife.  Your wife who seemed to me like she adored you.  She adored the life that you made with her, until you destroyed it.  I do believe that you were her hero, for a time.   Your children, Kate, Emma Claire, and Jack.  Three adorable children...two of which will not remember you as being portrayed as that family man in the public eye.  These two little kids will probably remember mom being sad and America being angry.  Kate, who is grown up will have to teach these children how great it once was.

Oh wait, there is another child.  A child who was thrown to the side was covered up and at one point was "thrown away" because you claimed she did not belong to you.  A child who's entire birth and toddler years is being played out in front of America and played out in a bad light.  A child who is innocent and did not ask to have you as it's father. 

  Marriage is a commitment...in the good the bad, cancer, everything....Marriage is a two-way street.  It takes both partners to make it work.  The same goes with fathers...it takes more than a donor to be a father.  I hope that others (and you too) learn from your mistakes.

Thank you and may God bless all those Edwards kids.  Elizabeth was a wonderful lady.  I did not agree with her politics and the dealing of Wade's backpack, but I think she did what she thought was right for her family.  She was torn down in public and she had to have a horrible disease while America watched her.  Watched as the cancer treatments changed her body as cancer slowly killed her.  It is she who tried to keep it together, to keep a calm stable life for the kids...while you lied to both your wife and America.

John Edwards, take your $300 haircut and get out of here!  Don't run for public office anymore.   I actually hope all the cheaters will stay out of politics.  America doesn't need all these liars leading us.  America needs an honest Christian person.  One that will believe IN GOD WE TRUST. I know I live in a dream world, it won't happen....why???? Liars and cheaters have all the money, the charisma and the drive.  They will say ANYTHING to get what they want and they usually do.

03 June 2011

So Long Tree

When we first looked at our home, there was a beautiful tree and a huge window that I saw at first glance.  I was excited because I never had a tree like that one.  The tree was perfect, straight up and down and a Christmas tree shape.  It was TALL to boot.  The window was a great big, huge, massive window (do you get it was big?).  The window won't change I hope, but time, however, has not been good to that tree.  We enjoyed those birds that nested in her branches.  I planted things at her trunk and they all died so there she stood, the lone proud thing in our front yard.  In the winter's snow, she was at her peak of prettiness.  She was like a giant snow-covered bell.  A lovely decoration for all to see.  Then the ice storm came!  It killed so many things in its wake (like my 10-year-old giant rosemary plant), but the tree seemed to be fine.  It was surviving covered with all that ice and snow.  Maybe, just maybe it would be ok.  It was!!! The next year, there she stood tall and proud "I made it through". She was still tall and proud in 2010, or so we thought....sometime around the fall needles began to fall.  Branches began to lose their luster...She was dying! John was hoping it was dormant, but that was not to be, she was DEAD! Everyone began to be scared of her because if she fell, she could take out a house, a car or BOTH.

2008, so pretty

2009---the ice storm

Yesterday at approx 9 am, the tree guy (who is good if you need a tree dude) began to climb her, on his way up he was cutting off her branches.  Approximately, 4 hours later she was gone.  My front yard is lonely. One of my favorite parts of my house/yard is to be no more.  I shall miss you tree.