10 June 2021

June Bonus Book Pick

 I don't normally pick two books in one month, but this one was so good, and most of you have extra time to read in June,  I added a second one.  I 100% admit that I picked this book because I love the paper flowers on the cover.  I thought they were beautiful.  

Then, once I started reading I realized I was loving the book.  

Flora and Jullian have been married for 20 years..... Which is a great feat in normal circumstances, but given that they are both actors it is a miracle.  They have one daughter, Ruby, who is just about to graduate high school.  Attending the graduation will be Flora's best friend Margot, who is an actress in a famous medical drama, and her real-life doctor husband, David.  Everyone is like a tight family until a wedding band is found in an envelope in the garage and changes everything.  I will tell you no more so it won't spoil a thing. I finished this one fast.  Enjoy!