12 September 2010

So in love with you, my love am I

The more I think about you, the more I love you. The more I long to stare into your face. You are carved completely out of a cold substance and I hate to be cold. Why then do I love you? Just look at you...you can see why I am in love with you...

I love to read about you, to view photos of you, and I long to climb on your crevices.

For those that don't know what you are, you are a glacier. A massive piece of ice that moves. Yeah, it moves...it leave in it's path moraine and a U shaped valley. When you start down a fjord (an inlet of water that was formed by a melting glacier) the vegetation will be larger more lush, as you travel down the fjord closer to the glacier face it will appear smaller and in most cases you will see NO vegetation. Instead what you will see is a large sheet of ice with crevices indentations and possibly icebergs. You will experience colors that may be indescribable....a topaz blue, granite gray, pure white, ice blue, azure, black, teal blue or teal green...and the list goes on and on.

the John Hopkins Glacier The Mendenhall Glacier 2008

a glacier close upnow you can imagine the size of a glacierGlacier Bay National Park and Reserve....the Majorie Glacier

The lovely Majorie Glacier (GBNP&R)

all that is left of a glacier that is now part of the fjord

the mendenhall 2010

The Marjorie and the Grand Pacific (the GP once filled glacier bay

Marjorie glacier

Who's your hero?

Did you know that kids can develop their imagination by reading a book? THey can lose themselves in a world of space, espionage, intrigue, history, fantasy, science...oh forget it this list will NEVER end...all they need from you is a book and a reading friendly space.

Reading in front of the tv is not a good idea...Reading in a crowded LOUD room is not a good idea either. Think about this when you send your little one to read.

"But my kids have too many books"...NONSENSE! A child can never have too many books. Maybe they love to read! Did you know that Thomas Jefferson once sold the Library of Congress 10,000 books at one time? And he thought that was not enough books. Look at me, I have 3 book case, some under my bed, some at work, some in the cars....and I want MORE!! I read them all...most over and over. And if your child does not, maybe it's time to donate the books they don't like to a school, charity, friend or sell them at a consignment sale. And replace them with books your child wants to read. Generally, I don't like the books people pick for me, maybe they don't like the ones that you pick for them....ever thought of that.

If your child does not like to read maybe you are buying the wrong subjects. My son did not like to read until he discover shipwrecks and now he reads all the time...mainly about shipwrecks, but he reads.

Think about the subject matter, the age appropriateness, the length, and not just look at the cover. I have a book with a spring green cover (ugly) and it just says the title on it "Gone with the Wind"...ugly ugly cover, but what is within those covers is one of the greatest books that I have ever read. I have read it 38 times since I started counting in 1994!!! I have it on my phone now so that I can read it every day if I want to and in any location.

Well, I can tell you a great place to find books!!! The OBOE book fair, from Sept 20-24, 2010. I can promise you that a super hero may come by to visit as well.

Be a HERO to your child...make them a lifelong reader!!!

08 September 2010

Trace Creek Baptist Church Crop

Well, here it is again...time for the TCC (Trace Creek Crop). This is one of my favorite times of the year (barring any cruise vacation naturally). What is it? It is a scrapbook crop (which means essentially a place to scrapbook with other people), that is held in the church multi purpose building. Why is it special? There are literally hundreds of people there that love two things: to scrapbook and God! It is a day spent with ladies of all walks of faith, religions, and backgrounds; but they are believers and it is evident in their speak, actions and generosity. There is a devotional in the middle of the day to rejuvenate you and get you thinking about your life, the life of others and your service to God. Jill Rogers is the speaker and I must say she is down to Earth and speaks from her heart. There are prayers, thanksgivings, and companionship. You get to meet people, see people that you have not seen in years, talk about life, and SHOP! The vendors are awesome as well. You can shop for a new product or go buy a piece of white paper if you forgot to bring some in the million and one things that you brought.

Oh yeah, packing for this event is like packing for a vacation. I have one "suitcase" (it's really a crop case but as big as a suitcase on wheels) and one milk cate type thing on wheels. They will both be loaded to the gills! I intend on bringing 40 layout packages and hope to scrap at least 30 of them. Last year I walked away with 32 layouts completed, and that is a record for me.

This year, I have to cut my time short. I have to leave around 4:45 (instead of 8 pm), my high school reunion (20 years) is that evening. You know honestly, I thought of skipping the reunion and being with these great TCC ladies. I do love them to pieces. As I said before, I look forward to it every year and it is less than TWO weeks away!!!

my love of a great tv show

Since 1990, I have been a fan of the Law and Order shows. At first, it was just so so...I wasn't a fan of Robinette or Ben Stone....but Adam Schiff was a bad dude...a guy that would take no crap and I like him. Yep, he kept me coming back. Then....then they added Jack McCoy! I was hooked completely. Jack McCoy was everything Adam was and more. A guy out to get the bad folks....no holds barred....and a bit of a ladies man to boot. Oh yes, he and Claire liked each other and probably (I believe yes) had a relationship. Claire was fantastic wrestling with her womanhood, the whole career lady life, and Jack McCoy. Jack McCoy has to be the greatest ADA ever! Time changes and we have lost some of our ADA and DA's too. Adam left, Nora came in. Angie Harmon came on playing a hard girl...I LOVED her character! One of our ADA's was murdered and now McCoy is our DA with

Then there were the detectives....I hated the first bunch...I did not like the cop section until Briscoe and Logan took over. Through the years...we have had many great detectives....Curtis, Green (my favorite after Lenny), Fontana, that chick that I could not stand Nina, Lupo, Bernard. Lupes and Bernard are a team that rivals the Curtis/Briscoe partnership.

Even after spin off after spin off, I kept watching. Now I do love most of the spin offs, but the mothership kept bringing me back. The formula worked, the content interested me, and the cast, well they were just outstanding.

Here we are now 2010, my show has been canceled. Canceled after 20 years, you will be forever tied with Gunsmoke. Wish you could have beaten that record!!! Would it not be great for Law and Order to have been the longest running drama of all time? I realize that the last couple of years as tv has changed you had lost your viewers, which I hate. You did not show naked butts, or drop the "s" word. You just relied on your mad writing skills and "ripped from the headlines" stories....hey, I think you held your ground very nicely trying to compete against those other dramas.

As we begin a new tv season, your name is not completely void on the tv listings...there you are Law and Order: Los Angeles. New show, new setting, new actors, new drama. Yeah, this should be good. I am sad that the mothership is no more, but glad I still have the spin offs!

07 September 2010

Oh how I love thee, but WHY?

There is something about you...yes, on my first visit I could not quite put my finger on what it was, but I have it now! You are rich! Rich in nature! Rich in beauty! Rich in peace! Rich in culture! Rich in shopping! Rich in "gold"! Rich in stories!

There you sit at the head of Lynn Canal, which really is not a canal at all but a natural made fjord. See you start off fooling me from the very beginning. But there you are, I can see you as I approach. There is a distinctive "downtown". Rows of buildings lined up against the street. But still something is different. When I first step onto your land. I look around. There is a mountain will paintings to my right. Paintings of what? Yes, that's it paintings from crew members whose ships docked in your port and advertisements from stores that are probably long gone from your town.

And to the left and straight ahead...there you lie, Skaguay or Skagway as you are called in "modern times". We are here at the mouth of Broadway, walking up your streets heading first to what I see on the left, the Alaska t shirt company. This store, while not rich in Skagway heritage, is rich in savings. I hope to make you my first stop. On the right is the great statue for the Klondikers.
The who? The Klondikers! What's that? They are the people who sought out Alaska during the Gold Rush of the Yukon (1896). The prospective "millionaires" would board a ship and head up Lynn Canal. It was NOT a smooth journey as the canal was full of bergs, fierce winds and they were not really sailing under the best of conditions. The hopefuls landed in Skagway to begin a trek over the mountains. It was to be a 500 mile trek up the mountains into Canada's Yukon territory. While that doesn't sound so bad, it was. The mounted police did not care that you wanted to come to their country to "strike it rich", but they were NOT going to care for you. So each prospector had to carry with him 1,000 pounds of supplies (or a years supply of goods). Yeah, that is typed right ONE THOUSAND POUNDS! "The Golden Staircase" (as it was known) was a constant line of prospectors. If you stepped out of line you would have to wait 15 minutes or so to regain a spot in the trek.

This trek proved to be deadly for some (above is pictured Dead Horse Trail) , and not as rewarding for the others. Some decided that there was too much at stake and took up residence in Skagway instead. They sold the supplies needed, opened saloons and brothels, and one guy by the name of Soapy Smith decided to run the place as a mob city. He was crooked, a thief, and just all around NOT a good guy, but a very interesting read...I recommend you read about him.

Back to the future....behind the famous Klondikers is the White Pass and Yukon Railway. This railroad is a narrow gauge train that will parallel the "White Pass Trail" that the Klondikers took. Construction began in 1898 with a goal in mind of making it easier for the prospectors to get into the Yukon territory and up to Dawson City. The WP&YR today is run as a tourist attraction and what an attraction it is. I have been on the railway twice and have learned so much both times. The tour leaves right from the cruise docks. There are many tours that you can choose from. The most popular goes to the summit and back, then there are some that go into Canada and one that will take you into Whitehorse, BC.

The views are spectacular and because you parallel the White Pass trail you will get to see many of the sights seen in Gold Rush days. Like the "trail of 98", "Black Cross Rock", the old depot spots and a bridge that will make you cringe.

This is an amazing trek, the most popular inside passage excursion and well worth the $100 plus you will spend....save your money now!

When you get back to town it is time to explore some more. The Skaguay News depot is a wonderful place to pick up information on the Gold Rush, Klondikers, old newspapers, or even today's paper. There is even a cross stitch store in town! YEAH, I could not believe it either. Check it out! You can get gourmet cupcakes (get them fast when they sell out they close), you can check out Soapy Smith's life, visit tons of jewelry stores....but there are some must dos.

AB Hall---The Arctic Brotherhood Hall. There are over 10,000 pieces of driftwood nailed to the facade of the building and then have been there since gold rush days. This building will grab your attention FAST!! It was a social place for miners in its hey day, now it is a visitors center.

There is a lovely Russian facade on one of the jewelry stores, and wonderful mouth watering fudge at the Alaskan Fudge Company (wish I could have more of the vanilla glacier fudge).

Walk around more and you will see the National Park (please visit here), Skagway river, and walk off Broadway to see how the locals live. You can visit the market...the market is interesting. The food comes in on a barge and the grocery is stocked. Prices are HIGH! As the week progress, prices go lower as the perishables are starting to go bad. Canned good will escalate in price because folks are running out of fresh food and need to eat. Yeah, that's right the food barge comes in once a week! We were told, as the week progresses you take a chance on only eating canned items if you wait. We saw chopped sirloin for $9.00 per pound.

Well Skagway, I have covered most of your 7 blocks in just a few short minutes. For those of you given the chance explore this quaint little mining town and all she has to offer. I am sure that you will NOT be disappointed.

06 September 2010

where have you been?

I look forward to things but I do not wish life away. I see so many people just wishing things away. Counting down to a future instead of trying to help fix today. The countdown doesn't bother me, it's the "I wish the next few weeks would fly by" or "I can't wait until next year".

I often end the day with questions, where did I screw up today? What did I do right today? How did I make a difference? The last question is the one the resonates in my brain. Where did I make a difference? Where did I make a difference? Where did I make a DIFFERENCE? I sure had better have an answer to that EVERY DAY!!

A difference does not have to be a gigantic world wide thing that everyone knows about. Only a few people might know, only a family might know, only one person may know, only God may know....

There have been sometimes lately that life has bothered me. The older I get,the more I see that mankind is not what I thought. There are people that truly care only about themselves,that have no morals, no spiritually, no decency , no respect, no compassion, no values, no love and no ability to take one for the team. I just can't understand why people seem to take the "easy road" or what I like to call the lazy road. Why people can't be treated as they wish to be treated? Why people can't put the good of the many in front of the good of the few, or the one. (thank you Mr Spock).

I have a cousin that has been talking about this sweet precious child that 11 weeks ago she was this happy little kid playing with her family and friends. In a short span of 11 weeks, she was sick, diagnosed with a brain tumor, and now she is gone. She was 5 years old. Do you see exactly how short life is? 11 weeks!!! You have to make your plans TODAY!

I challenge my friends to this...if you don't have a relationship with God, what a GREAT time to develop that! If you don't treat others as you would be treated, what a GREAT time to put yourself LAST! If you don't spend time with your children, what a GREAT time to make a deposit in their future! If you don't take care of the Earth, what a GREAT time to better it for the future! If you have NEVER voted, what a GREAT time to register! If you have been making plans to make a difference, do it NOW! If you are wishing away til Christmas break...remember a lot can happen in just 11 short weeks! And for those that were alive on September 11, 2001, you all know how life can change dramatically in less than ONE HOUR!

Live for today! For the moments that you have! Make a DIFFERENCE!!! Be a GIVER not a TAKER!

05 September 2010

interesting things I question

So I am sitting here thinking about things that perplex me...Well, maybe you can help me with some answers to these questions:

1. Why do guys feel the need to wear their pants UNDER their butt cheeks? I thought the purpose of pants was to cover those cheeks.

2. Why does the oven smell so awful when it is on the self clean cycle?

3. Why do little boys have to make shooting or bullet sounds CONSTANTLY?

4. What does the paint come off the wall, but NOT my arms?

5. Why I get so annoyed when Justin Bieber takes off his hat and shakes his head?

6. Why it takes forever to upload photos to Winkflash?

7. Why 1,000,000,000 Elvis fans can't be wrong?

8. What is it about spiders that scares me so?

9. Why do I always seem to run out of scrapbook tape runners...right when I am in an artistic groove?

10. What does a frapp from Starbucks have to taste so good? You are going to be the death of me because of your fat content.