12 August 2010

America has had 44 Presidents but only one King!

Elvis Week 2010


This is a week where all Elvis fans unite and celebrate the career of a man with an amazing voice. A man that could sing anything! From Country to rock, to hillbilly, to gospel....Elvis had it covered.

This is also the year that Graceland celebrates its 75th anniversary. Now we all can't get to Graceland this week, but it is kind of nice to go to the website and see what is going on. To listen to XM 18 and listen to the "out takes" of songs that you know well. To listen to songs that you never knew Elvis recorded (like Your cheating heart by Hank Williams), and even to hear him do a Bealtes tune (he is the only person that can get away with that).

In honor of Elvis Week I am including my favorite Elvis tunes

Burning Love
What'd I say?
Suspicious Minds
Kentucky Rain
Poke Salad Annie
Heartbreak Hotel
That's all right
Hey Jude
Viva Las Vegas
In the ghetto
How great thou art

this list could go on forever...Thanks for sharing your talent with us


01 August 2010

The travel list

Everyone knows my zest for travel...the more the merrier. And you all know how I love lists...here are 2 lists that involve travel.

The Places I have been that I loved
1. Bathsheba, Barbados
2.. Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
3. Pikes Peak
4. In the waters around Admiralty Island, Alaska
5. El Morro in San Juan, Puerto Rico
6. Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas
7. Key West, Florida
8. Phillipsburg, St Maartin
9. Skagway, Alaska
10. Washington, D.C. (everything about it thrilled me)
11. Cumberland Falls
12. El Yunque rain forest
13. Chichen Itza
14. Ketchikan, AK
15. St John
16. Mendenhall Glacier
17. Bill Clinton Library
18. The Royal Gorge
19. Charlottsville, Virginia
20. Victoria, Canada
21. The Hermitage
22. Chicago, Illinois
23. Arlington National Cemetary
24. Coke Museum in Atlanta Georgia

25. The Old Mill
26. Great Smokey Mountains National Park

Where I would like to go:
1. Kilauea
2. Mt Saint Helens
3. The Grand Canyon
4.. Denali National Park-June 2015
5. The Grand Tetons
6. Yosemite National Park
7. Glacier National Park
8. Mt Rainier National Park
9. Forks/La Push
10. Mansfield, MO-July 2012
11. Niagara Falls-July 2018
12. Muir Glacier
13. Olympic National Park
14. Aruba-Sept 2014
15. Statue of Liberty National Monument-Oct 2019
16. England
17. A Corner in Winslow Arizona
18. Havana-Oct 2015