21 October 2012

The wild 1930

Lately, I have been watching TONS of 1930's movies and reading 1930's books.  The later stems from not having any extra funds to buy new books so I browse the free section.  I have read some interesting books and some that well were horrible (maybe it's a changing times thing).  Anyway, I have noticed that the entertainment is coming into my work.  And influencing my choices on the materials I purchase.  

I recently got this stamp and die set from Spellbinders (featured above), that is move of the Art Nouveau time, but still it is old fashioned.  While at Trace Creek this year I found many stamps that featured ladies from olden times (flappers, gothic, classic art works and victorian).  I bought them all!!!

One of these stamps is featured on this weeks Mojo Monday entry, do you recognize her?  She is exquisite!.  

My last new purchase was a die that made the cute flowers. I have the scoring board, but I found this easy and fun.  I love the look on the Thanks card below.  

Now I will give you recommendations just in case you too are bitten by the old fashioned bug.

Read American Rose (about Gypsy Rose Lee the queen of burlesque)
Watch "You can't take it with you" featuring Lionel Barrymore, Jean Arthur and Jimmy Stewart
Watch "It happened one night" featuring Gable and Claudette Cobert
And read Hollywood Babylon...it's gross but interesting.

Next I am back on my 1950's kick.