21 April 2013

Spring Break projects

Since we ran out of money, our spring break plans were a no go.  I decided to make a giant list of things that needed to be done around the house.

1.  Paint John's old childhood cabinet to put in utility room-I did this using paint leftover from the house and tied it to the colors I just did in the utility room.

2.  Redo the shelves and paint the dryer pipe-I used red spray paint on the pipe, and scrapbook paper on the shelves.

3.  Make a message board for family-I used an old frame from Grandma's house.  Inserted scrapbook paper where you normally put a photo.  Got some dry erase markers and some flowers.  Put it all together and wow a message board.

4.  Make new curtains for kitchen-I found some great fabric in Indianapolis at Wal-mart.  One was $1 per yard the other $3 per yard

5.  Install new kitchen sink-proved to be more difficult than we thought because the people we bought our house from (the flippers as I call them) cut the hole out themselves.  It was not straight and it was odd shaped....that may be why they used a mobile home sink (you can have one of these free in my garage).  It was a 5 inch deep double pan sink, and I have hated it every day for 7.5 years.  Now I have a 8.5 inch deep sink!

6.  For my birthday last year, I bought the lumber and my dad donated his skills to build me some bookcases.  That was last July, and I was just now painting them.

7.  Paint the back door-I wanted to paint the inside of the panels on the door leading to the garage.  I also wanted to paint a saying on there.

8.  Paint kitchen trashcan-we had the nastiest can in the world.  A blue can that they sell at Wal-mart.  (why do they make all the cans blue or white and just nasty?)  I painted it with Rustoleum black paint for plastics.  It is like a new can and fits the color scheme of my room.

9.  Use the left over transformation kit and paint the bath cabinet

Hope you enjoy the photos of my week of projects.  

A crowning birthday

I absolutely LOVE to wear a crown for my birthday. I don't know why I do it...but I do.

For years I have worn cheap children's crowns, but this year, going on 41, I should probably wear a grownup crown.  I decided to make one that reflected who I am. A keepsake crown...that's HUGE!

I started by drawing out a pattern.  This proved to be a tad challenging, as I wanted two layers to the crown.  I had to match up the layers so that it all made sense. Therefore, I had to cut out each pattern and put them together to see if they worked.  Making the patterns took me about 2 hours of trial and error and (insert GASP here) MEASURING.

Once I got the pattern like I wanted it, I drew it on the back of a pizza box.  I used Jack's pizza 4 pack pizza box.  It worked out perfectly to fit the two layers onto one pizza box.  Then I cut it out.

I decided to decorate every single side of the crown.  The insides (the sides facing toward the inside of the crown) were made using pages from "Song of the Siren" and a sheet of K&Co paper.  I mod podged these papers to the crown then I let dry.  The next step was to trim the edges.

I did not take photos of the next stages...my hands were covered in mod podge and I was the only person awake so there was no way I could photograph these steps.

Once the inside was dry, I took K&Co polka dotted paper (Wild Saffron) paper and tore into long strips. I adhered with mod podge to the front of the inside layer.  I then took pink Bohemia paper by MME and glued in full to the small outer layer.  I mod podged both of the crown pieces.

The embellishments were made by making a  two 2x12 inch wide strips and 1x12 inch strip and using my scoring board I made rosettes.  I took Domestic Goddess paper by Graphic 45 (I simply LOVE their paper) and used for the main lady and the top lady on the left.  The lady below on the left is a 1920 stamp I have (I do not have a brand name).  I glued dream chipboard to the smaller rosette and the larger of the two ladies and glue to the larger rosette.   Added a dragonfly and some tulle.

All inks are by Tim Holtz. Glues are Aleene's and Mod Podge in matte.  Sparkles provided by Stickles (Tim Holtz), lace by 7 Gypsies.

This is going to be a great birthday!  Happy 41, Michelle

14 April 2013

A bag for all your essentials

One day I was perusing the clearance at Hobby Lobby and found this gem of an item.  A cardboard purse.  It was in HORRIBLE shape.  It would have been very nice before it was scratched, torn, and bubbled....it was $1.40.  For a bargain like that I had to snatch it.  I took it home and pondered on it for a few weeks.  Today, I pulled it out of the cabinet and noticed the inside was actually in good condition. I could save it.  The inside was black with a black and white striped paper.  Pink was the obvious choice, but I had no chic pink patterned paper.  I saw these two sheets of Curtain Call paper by Graphic 45.  To say I LOVE this paper would be a vast understatement. I have all ready used one entire pad of it and I am pretty sure I have bought enough single sheets to equal a second pad.  The two sheets from today feature old movie posters.  The first one to catch my eye was the Clara Bow movie. I adore her!  Her role in Wings is one of my all time favorites (I think it was made in 1927). It's a silent film well worth your time.  The restoration they have done is extraordinary and the music is pretty grand as well.  Anyhoo, this was my theme. I decided I would go with a paper red Bazzil for the pop of color.

The scrabble letters are from John's boyhood game, the 20's is made with Tim Holtz grunge board (I love the smell of that stuff), all inks are Tim Holtz Distress Ink, glues are Aleene's Tacky and Mod Podge, ribbon is from a CKC booth, gears are 7 gypsies, car is from John's old Monopoly game, tulle from a wedding I attended, black and white polka dotted paper was given to me.

This keepsake is for sale for $20.  Thanks for viewing my stuff.