26 February 2011

up up and AWAY

Today we completed another season of Upward ball with Lone Oak First Baptist Church. I must say those guys/gals do a great job over there. I know it cannot be easy working with all those kids, it is time-consuming and kids are messy. But they get it done, they are friendly and they are patient.

I like the Upward program because it teaches kids the basics of the game, how to be fair, to be nice to people, and gives them memory verses too! The best part to me though is that the coaches find something positive to say about each and every child (at the end of the game while passing out the reward stars). Those coaches seek out something good in every player, every play, and every "mistake".

Well done LOFBC!!!!!

25 February 2011

non fat mocha skinny fat, tall fat, sugar free

I don't get all the coffee jargon can you tell? Can't order anything special in those coffee shops because I don't know (or is it that I don't care) what those crazy things are. What is the difference in mocha and a latte'? Iced vs. chilled? Again, I say I don't really care.

What I care about is that I got a gift card for Christmas and because of the lack of a drive-thru and the lack of the desire to go into the mall, I had not used all the money on the card. I decided today I would use the last $1.98 on my card. I went to the counter and told the girls, "I don't want a java chip ( that is the one thing I know how to order and <3 a="" about="" and="" ask="" barrista="" behind="" br="" but="" counter="" did="" different...but="" don="" even="" fat="" for="" free="" how="" i="" is="" it="" kay="" know="" latte="" no="" non="" ok="" right="" said="" she="" something="" spell="" sugar="" t="" that="" the="" to="" want="" what="">
She made the drink and it was quite good, she did a caramel whatever the thing was that she made and I left. When I sat down in the car I thought to myself "why did she ask if I wanted a non-fat/sugar-free? Do I look like I need it or do I look like that is what I would drink?"

MMMM< that was sort of like asking a big girl "when the baby is due" isn't it? It just struck me as odd.

Anyway, the lady at the Starbucks counter. I love your coffees and I will be back, I just hope you don't assume I want/need a drink based on what I look like. Thank you, lady, with lots of earrings and dark red hair....you must like alternative music and probably have tattoos and maybe like to drink beer...oh you don't like it when I judge you....mmmm neither do I!!!

working relationships

Well, for the better part of ten years I have worked in the same place. I am blessed to be able to work with so many dear precious families and children. I am equally blessed to have some co-workers that simply put...hang the moon.

I get to serve, pray with/for, spoil about 110 kids per day and get to work along side 25 wonderful giving people. How great is that? Jealous aren't you? You should be!!!!!!

20 February 2011

Toot Toot

I am tooting my mother's horn today...

She is a jewelry artist. A jewelry artist that makes works of art that you wear on your body. Her items are one of a kind, they might be similar but NOPE they are one of a kind. I can tell you that it is unlike any jewelry you will ever own.

High quality, gorgeous, and completely original!!!

check it out...


That darn 7 am alarm

I do LOVE to go to bed early and rise early, everyone that knows me knows this. I do however like to get up late on the weekends. I just can't get my alarm to STOP going off on Saturday and Sundays. Now, I would probably not sleep past 7 or 8 (cause I don't do that unless I am sick), but I DON'T want to get up at 6 on a Saturday!! What can I do about this alarm? Why does the alarm feel the need to wake me from my slumber? To wake me from my sweet dreams? To wake me when I probably stayed up late last night and need that extra beauty sleep?

Callie, I understand you are bored and lonely. I understand that you are "starving to death". I understand that you miss your best friend (John)....but Callie KNOCK IT OFF!!

Callie, do you realize that if you did not consistently bite your humans they MIGHT let you sleep in the rooms with you? Do you realize that if you would quit sleeping all day and roaming all night, again your humans might let you sleep in the rooms with them?

Cat at the rate you are going, you are going to be locked up in your room on the weekends and I know you hate that. Just wait until 8am and then meow all you want. 8 am, why is that too much to ask?

13 February 2011

To the Clouds..

For some reason Paducah, KY has great sunsets, great glimpses of the moon, and strange looking clouds. Here are some of the ones that I have observed from my neck of the woods. They really don't need words. I will just tell you that all photos were shot with a Kodak z981 (26 optical zoom). That's as good as my camera gets.

Old yeah, but maybe wiser too!

This year marked another milestone in my life (gosh I keep having so many of these)...this one was the anniversary of 20 years since the day that I walked across a stage at Graves County High School and they pronounced me a graduate. Yes, that means that I graduated in 1990, and that makes me almost 40. I understand that, I am not trying to talk to you about that...I am trying to talk to you about my school.I thought we were the coolest school cause we had stairs....yeah that feeling went away FAST!!!Our commons did not look like this...we had these coffin shaped boxes to sit on...tables would have been great!
Graves County High School was a new school when I entered its hallways. I was the second class to start from its freshman year and graduate, but that is not what I liked/hated about it. Here is the deal, I am from Lowes Elementary School. It was very tiny, over the crowded school. That, in my opinion, was full of very bad teachers (there were good ones too, but the bad ones tend to stand out in my memory....I have to search to remember all the good ones). Teachers that did not like the children and I had two personally that were CRUEL to me, and I was a good kid!!! So GCHS sounded like the sweetest music to me. I was going to have choices in classes and being a new school it was going to have the cream of the crop in both things offered and teachers. Yes, it was an escape. An escape from the backwoods of Lowes and branch out.
I am what most people at Lowes called a "weirdo". I liked to paint, draw, dress in black, listen to the Beatles, quote old movies, and my family was pretty poor. I was an outcast with the exception of a couple of others, who might have felt like me. I felt that I did not belong because I was not like others. Yeah, that's me! STRANGE!!!

GCHS was going to offer to me ART!!! Do you know how good something like that sounds to someone like me? Someone like ME...that has bad luck, was a freak! I was going to have ART CLASSES!!! Lowes had an art teacher, but every student in the class did the same thing, it was nothing challenging and honestly, it was NOT art. It was a craft. Everyone did the same thing and you could NOT use any creative license. I hated it!!!

Four years of ART later I had a firm grasp on what I like to make. Mr. Goodwin, my wonderful art teacher, encouraged me, taught me how to look inside for what I wanted to create and he gave all the students chances to experiment with all types of art. some of Mr Goodwins students works of art
Our table in the lunchroom

Please don't think it all was grand it had some downsides too. I did like being able to get lost in the crowds if I wanted or being in the front too. Trust me if you know me, you know I am capable of being both. I ate lunch with the Principal almost every day (He did not eat, he would just sit at our table...I sure he sat at others too, but I was honored he would sit at ours).

I hated the math classes but fell in love with reading here (only I would have been too "cool" to admit it). My love of history was born in the classrooms of this school as was a desire to know about politics.

I made some great friends, had wonderful conversations (mostly religious or about boys), started a lot of gossips, and crushed on a lot of boys...After 20 years, my good experiences totally outweigh any bad that I had here...I still cannot say that about Lowes.

Thanks to all the girls that worked so hard on planning this reunion (outside of the football game....thank goodness I had a great friend to be with me during this game) I had a PERFECT time!!! Marla and I picked up like we had just talked yesterday and I am going to make it a goal to keep up with her (here comes the FB stalking Marla). Janice, Heather and Brian and I did the same...but we do talk often, thanks to Facebook. If I have not mentioned to you here it is not because I was not glad to see you, but do you realize how many people were in our class? Man, it would take all day to name you all.

There were missing faces, Kelly I wish you could have been there (she was at home in California). You have always had a special place in my heart. Becky was in Canada, I really wanted to reconnect with her, she and I were so close when we were younger.

And one I wanted to see Shane Ashbaugh, may he rest in peace.

Thanks again for a great time, the great memories and the friendship

11 February 2011

You are his cheeseburger

My favorite Veggie Tales song happens to be about a cheeseburger, which happens to be my favorite food. Problem is my favorite food is VERY bad for me. You see, last year I went to the doctor for routine getting old blood test. I was a walking time bomb! My cholesterol was 291!!! 291!!! It is supposed to be under 200. My doctor was shocked, she said she only tested that because of my age, she thought because of my size cholesterol would not be an issue. Turns out that maybe my family has had issues with that all along and no one told anybody. My grandfather was prone to mini stokes. I do NOT want to go down that road! I have many risk factors, a high-stress job, a very busy life (I am not an idle person), this blood thing, and I love cheeseburgers. My mission sounded small but it was not. The first stage was to take a cholesterol-lowing statin and begin to just watch how much fat I consume. The second part was harder because I am a red meat person. Yes, I eat meat I am the anti vegetarian...gotta have the stuff. I started eating Lean Cuisine type meals at work. And I have to be honest most of them taste good. The portions are smaller and that is good as well, the issue I have is the sodium. I have never nor will I ever like salt. I like to have a low salt diet. Alecia Bachuss (a girl at work) has helped me with this second part as well. She has taught me the fat content of some foods. Some foods you think are good for you, are the opposite...VERY BAD!!! Thanks, Alecia for opening my eyes to this.

Well, today was the day...I went to the doctor and I stand at 167!!! It does not take a math expert to know that I have done GREAT!!! I am still eating my cheeseburgers, maybe not as often or not as many at one time. I have done exceptionally well for someone that eats on the go, eats in seconds because she is so hungry, has a family that won't eat veggies, and loves red meat.

I need to thank my pravastatin, my friend Alecia and Lean Cuisine for helping me on this journey. We are only part of the way there, it has to be maintained now. Wish me luck.

10 February 2011

The Real Housewives of McCracken County

So here I sit wondering, why are all these loose moral, husband cheater on-ers, materialist, plastic surgery getting women getting all the attention in life? HUH? Come on let me describe a "REAL" housewife.

Married June 19, 1993
First child 1997, second in 2002
Currently, I have 176 children. 2 that I "own" free and outright 174 that I take care of so you can go to work.
I work over 40 hours per week outside of the home
I work over 40 hours per week inside the home
I cook at least 5 times a week and have dinner with my family every night.
I spend most of the day on Sundays preparing meals and lunches for the next week
I do not do outside in the yard work...nope
I have never cheated on my husband or my family
I don't envy your life cause mine is GREAT!!
I am not going to judge you because that is not my place and expect the same curiosity from you.
I wear makeup just to cover old age
My husband likes me without makeup (awe, he loves me)

Ok, so maybe I would not make for interesting TV, but think about it...a woman with morals. A woman that would NOT get plastic surgery (heck this woman won't even eat margarine cause flies won't eat it). A woman that can work outside the home, can work inside the home (without a house keeper) and still have time to create. A woman that READS, and reads alot! A woman that (OH MY GOSH, you can't say this on TV) believes in GOD! A woman that can change a dryer heating element and bandaid your boo boo. A woman that could be your friend and not try to date your husband or your son! A woman that could plan your vacation and save you thousands of dollars. A woman that can make a mean peanut butter pie and also plan a schedule for 174 children and 26 workers. A woman that wishes her family could come first but has to pay the bills too. A woman that can wear high heels and cook dinner. I don't think those housewives of Orange county can do that.

America's values are wrong, but I am not telling you anything you did not know. America, someone like me (or the ladies I know) should be your role models NOT those Beverly Hills ladies.

09 February 2011

The Ewings

Well, here we are about to embark on a new adventure with the Ewings. This time with John Ross and Christopher Ewing (JR and Bobby's boys). I for one am looking forward to this new TNT drama.

I remember sitting at my grandmother's house on Friday night (this is one of the only good memories at her house), and she was watching her "program" and would not be interrupted, so I sat down and watched with her. Donna and Ray were in love but would not admit it. Lucy was causing all kinds of problems sneaking around in Ray's house without permission. Pam was having trouble adjusting to being a Ewing and Cliff had it out for JR. WOW, I was sucked in like a vacuum cleaner picking up dirt. I had to have more of this show. I don't think as a child I watched much of it. This kind of show was not really my mom's kind of thing, she is more of a Green Acres type person. When I got all grown up it came on TV and I watched every single episode. I taped them then erased them (wish I had kept them).

My favorite times are when JR and Sue Ellen want to be together but aren't because he is in love with Afton, then she meets Dusty; Pam and Bobby are trying to have a baby but she can't because of Digger's disease...however she WON'T tell Bobby about it. Lucy and Mitch get married and he doesn't like the Ewing money. Cliff gets involved with Afton because JR is just using her and Cliff really cares for her. Sue Ellen and JR get back to together and Bobby and Pam break up and here comes Jenna Wade....this goes on for 14 seasons. The last season is the worst but I did name my cat after one of JR's wives. I love the story...JR goes into the country and beds this lady Callie promising her he will marry her. He ends up leaving her there and her brothers come to find JR and make him marry her. She is a country hick and has no clue how to live the elite life in Dallas. She has to be helped into this role and she paints a lot. She changes JR and eventually he falls in love with her.

My favorite character ever was Kristen Shepard. She was evil, smart, and probably the prettiest thing I have ever seen. She is in real life the daughter of Bing Crosby (Mary Crosby is her name) and on the show, she is really Sue Ellen's sister. She comes on the show looking for a college and ends up bedding JR. Sue Ellen doesn't seem to mind sometimes and that is creepy but that is Dallas. Kristen then gets out of favor with JR and ends up hanging around Lucy's boyfriend, Allen Beam (I hate him), he ends up blackmailing Kristen. JR tells her to get out of Dallas and then BAM!!! She shoots JR!!!!!! Creating a mass question of "who shot JR"...inspiring the world with t-shirts and songs about the shooting of JR. Fun times. I remember my grandmother trying to figure out who shot JR. Once it comes out that Kristen shot JR she claims that she is pregnant by two men and blackmails them both (Jordan Lee and JR). JR sends her away and she has the baby, only to come back to Dallas and die in the pool. Later Bobby and Pam will adopt her baby (really Jeff Faraday is the daddy) and name him Christopher.

See how fun this is? Looking forward to this TNT, it had better be good!!!!!

08 February 2011


I thought it might be fun to put my mp3 player on shuffle and see what type of music I was currently listening to. Here they are in order to how they were played during my scrapbook time this afternoon. I think by reading this list you can get a big insight to MIchelle the HuMan! Yeah, I am just a mixed up bundle of mess.

1. Even the nights were better--Air Supply (don't judge)
2. Love Bits--Def Leppard
3. Our House---Madness
4. Oh, what a beautiful morning---Gordan McRae
5. One night in Bangkok--Murray Head
6. Splash Mountain Medley---splash mt WDW
7. I am the Walrus---The Beatles
8. No Sugar tonight/New Mother Nature--the Guess who
9. Good Morning---Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds.
10. If you think I don't need you---Elvis Presley
11. From this moment on---Tommy Rall and Ann Miller
12. Mr. Blue Sky---ELO
13. Kiss--Prince
14. Spies like us---Paul McCartney
15. Hallelujah --Bon Jovi
16. Set adrift of memory bliss---PM Dawn
17. Gansta---BBD (oh yeah, love them)
18. Paperback writer---The Beatles
19. Wanderlust---Paul McCartney
20. Paradise City---GNR
21. Amazing---Aerosmith
22. All those years ago---George Harrison
23. I me mine--The Beatles
24. The Enchanted Tiki Room (1971 version)---WDW
25. Porcupine Pie---The Wiggles
26. Living in the sunslight---Tiny Tim
27. Wanted Dead or Alive (live)--Bon JOvi
28. Just got back--Cheap Trick
29. PSSOM--Def Lep (live, acoustic)
30. Universe of Energy---EPCOT
31. Everybody---BSB
32. I dig a pony (anthology)--The Beatles
33. Nobody's Fool---Cinderella
34. Wonderful Tonight---Clapton
35. You got me runnin'---Def Lep
36. I love this town---Bon Jovi
37. You're Sixteen---Ringo
38. SexyBack---JT
39. Run Riot---Def Lep
40. Zero to Hero---Hercules soundtrack
41. You outta know---Alanis
42. Wannabe---The Spice Girls
43. My prerogative--Bobby Brown
44. High n' Dry (Saturday NIght)---Def Lep
45. Over at the Frankenstein place--Rocky HOrror
46. The Time---Black Eyed Peas
47. I left my hat in Haiti---Fred Astaire
48. Watching the Wheels---John Lennon
49. Me and Bobby McGee--Janis Joplin
50. County Bear Jamboree---WDW
51. Dear Prudence---The Beatles
52. Super Trooper---Abba
53. Who's crying now---Journey
54. Come on Eileen---Dexy's Midnight runners
55. Over the rainbow---Isreal IZ Kamakawiwo'ole
56. Let me roll it---Paul McCartney
56. Patience---GNR
57. She's out of my life---MJ
58. 2 Legit 2 Quit--Hammer
59. Land of confusion---Genesis
60. Vienna Calling--Falco
I have over 4000 songs on here, so that is all for now.


Don't judge me because I like Xanadu. No siree bob, don't you dare. Yes, I know Xanadu has been laughed at for years and years and years. Basically, since the day it was released, but think not about the crappy storyline, or that one dude's bad acting...think about the movie.

The movie is an artistic wonder from the get-go. It has some wonderful paintings and that was just the first attraction for me and thrilling animation from Don Bluth. The second is a man that you may never have heard of Gene Kelly. He did a little song and dancing in his younger years, nothing to write home about but that is what he did. In this movie, he only dances twice and once on roller skates, he had to be 70 something when this movie was made. He even danced around Olivia Newton-John and made it appear that she could dance, but Gene was good at that trick (in that past life). This was his last movie by the way.

Kenny Ortega (High School Musical fame) was the choreographer...and I think he did a great job!!!

Then there is the soundtrack, even if Jeff Lynne won't admit it, the music is brilliant. ELO, the Tubes, Gene and Olivia. A perfect score for the fantasy film, set on roller skates.

I am writing this because I bought the movie years ago and watched it many times and then it disappeared. Where was it? I could not find it, I last remembered watching it on the way to Mason Ohio and Great Wolf Lodge. I figured that I dropped it out of the truck while traveling. NO I DID NOT, I found it yesterday, in a computer manual that I never even knew that I opened. I was gathering stuff to get rid of our stupid Celeron computer and there it was in the manual. I have watched it 3 times today. I have missed it so.

The greatest part to me is the ending...Gene Kelly "Drum Dreams" on roller skates. Then Olivia comes in and does a WOWING rendition of "Fool Country" and "First Stage out of this Town" and then "Xanadu".

As a child, my favorite part was after FSOTT (first stage out of this town) the music tempo changes and Xanadu starts, Olivia starts walking up the stage in this silver lame' dress, with her hair in a glitter corn roll type hairdo. I LOVE this part!!!!!

Guys, it's not a great movie plot-wise, as I stated but if you want a visually appealing movie, with great music and Gene Kelly, yeah this one is for you.

07 February 2011

Hi, I'm Michelle and I have an ........

addiction to gadgets. I admit it, and they say that admitting is the hardest part. However, I am not really ready to give up this problem. I love TECHNOLOGY! Really I should say gadgets. I love gadgets...gotta have more, gotta play with more, gotta study more. I was looking through my photos and found some photos of some of the gadgets that I have used over the years...This is kind of fun.

The first gadget was not something that I took a photo of....why not? It was cutting edge in its day and set John and I back a pretty penny. It was an invention called webtv. It brought me to the first taste of the internet. I pretty much fell in love with the internet then and there. We had the webtv while I was pregnant and on bed rest with Hannah, and pretty much all I did was surf the internet. I found other cross stitchers around the world, got blackwork patterns, and discovered people that loved Disney and much as I did. WONDERFUL FUN!!!!

My next gadget was a cell phone, a sprint flip phone, state of the art technology in its time. It was the time where phones were going from the bag phones to more portable things. Again no photo.

But this did start love with phones...oh yes it did, I was hooked. The next couple of phones where the run of the mill free phone...but one day I was eligible for the upgrade of the fancy LG 8100. This thing had great speakers, Vcast, a custom-able look...yeah I was in love. I loaded it up with as much music as I could put on that tiny mini sd card.

My next phone was the EnV....what a phone this was. Again it was another great music phone, but it had a full keyboard. I had to get my first text messaging plan (very tiny plan). I had 2 great covers for this phone a solid red one and this very cool colorful one. I hated to see this phone go....but it did. I was on a trip and the port would not allow the phone to charge. I got back home and went to Verizon and they told me that the port was so dead that they could not even pull my contacts off the phone.

I upgraded to my first smartphone. A phone that I had been looking at for some time but thought it would never be a possibility, the Samsung Omnia. I loved this phone very much because it was a windows phone. It would sync up so nicely with my computer. It has 2 issues, you had to use a stylus because your finger was too fat for the touch screen and I broke 2 touchscreens and had to have the phone replaced (it was a warranty item both times). The last time that I went into the Verizon store to complain about it they said that it was no longer made and that I needed to upgrade. Here comes the Droid that I had loved since it came out...only I did better, I got the Droid X!!!

This is the phone of all phones. It will do anything, yep the commercial is right Droid Does!!! It really does. I have been using it since October 2010 and have not ONE complaint about anything that it can do. I have learned how to manipulate the interface and now it (like my Omnia before) is strictly mine, no one has a droid quite like mine. It makes me very happy.

Then there is my camera. I have wanted a good camera all my life....literally all my life. My mom had an SLR when I was a kid and I have wanted a good camera ever since. I saved my money, traded in every old camera that I had and finally got the Kodak Z981. It is not an SLR but has a 26 optical zoom and that is what I wanted it for. I don't really want to mess with lenses because my backpack is heavy enough on our trips, I needed something with a good zoom that I could pack around. I do believe that this is the camera. I have noticed that the sensor must not be very large because it gets "hot"(not temperature) when used in rapid succession for a long period of time. The zoom is very good, you must be stable at the 26x, I have had to fashion a portable bolt/string tripod and it seems to work fine. It will take photos in the plastic bag (that I use for wet conditions) and does a great job. I hardly use the scene settings because I like to mess with the fstop and all that junk. I am enjoying all that it can do...I got it in May 2010 and still love it...very much so. I am very pleased with the results it gave me in Alaska.

Dell Axium ...got this is in 2007...it was my first foray into the portable pc. I quickly picked up how to change the theme and the beginning stages of what one could call "apps". It was a fun tool. Even learned how to get pdf books on here so it was my very first electronic book reader. I still can use it for that purpose. It will no longer sync with a computer because the processor is too old. It will only do windows xp...no vista and no windows 7.

Gateway M 1600 series laptop...
Knew I needed a computer for work, wasn't really sure what to get. Saw this laptop on HSN and with the 6 payments, 3 gb RAM I thought ok this will work. It actually was delivered on 2/14/08...how special! It was red in color and a little bit amazing. I did upgrade the Vista OS to Windows 7 when that came out and fell right back in love with what it could do. It is a great piece of equipment and has served me well.

I shall now dive in one more time. I am having a pc made just for me and I am tickled pink about it. It has exactly what I want in a pc. I am getting the amazing Dell XPS that I have been drooling over since our home desktop started to bite the dust (a lovely celeron that has seen it's best day...512 RAM 160 Hard drive).

MP3 players...I am not an apple person so I use a Windows Media Player devices. On the left is my first one that lasted me 4 years. I can't seem to throw it away even though it no longer works. I loved the lanyard part and just the general set up of the device. On the right is my Christmas present from John (2010). It was a $60 player, but on sale for $40 and then we had a $20 rewards check for Best Buy so we got the player for $20 WOW!! It is great! It has a clip on it (just like a shuffle) and I have installed an 8gb card (which is FULL).

04 February 2011

apps as of February 2011

Here are the latest apps that I use on my droid x

1. Laputa....must have
2. Word Up!
3. Team Coco
5. Dish Network
6. Nook
7. My Verizon
8. Music Box
9. Shazam!
10. Bubble Popper
11. Droid Forum
12. Bugs Bunny tube (don't judge me)
13. QVC
14. Princess Cams
15. Super Mario Bros
16. Trivial Droid
17. TV.com
18. The British Monarch
19. WPSD weather
20. Text Free


01 February 2011

you are being honored...

Yes, you are. I am honoring you by letting you in on all my secrets. These are the products I use and adore. Dear companies who make said products...feel free to send me free ones at any time.

Toothbrush--Colgate Total professional series and an oral b freebie from the dentist. I brush up to 12 times per day.

Plax---Plaque loosening rinse......Terribly miss the blue but I do use the soft mint. Use it up to 12 times per day.

Shampoo and conditioner-Loreal Everstrong and ANY Pantene

Tissues-ONLY puffs plus with lotion

Dental floss-waxed mint Johnson and Johnson ....will NOT use generic

Chapstick-Briarwood Gardens and Bert's Beeswax

Eggs-Granny's or Eggland's best

Feel special don't you? Actually, this is a ploy to get free products. You see, I don't like to spend money unless it's on a cruise or some fancy gadget, so yes, I will take free products and will give my endorsement. Yes, people do care about what I have to say. How rude? Look you keep reading so obviously YOU CARE!!!


My memory is bad..no terrible. Has been for as long as I remember. I was thinking, "Michelle, what are some memories from your childhood?" This is all I can think of....enjoy

1. The earliest memory is peeing down a heat vent in our trailer. I was very little but remember it well.

2. The second memory was Sterling's trailer burning down and my parents moving all the families beds into one room so that we could all be together in the event our trailer burned. I then got to use the second bedroom as a playroom. I was RICH! I had a playroom.

3. I remember making mud pies and Sean brought down a dead fish and put that in my mud pie. He then made me eat the mud. I hated him.

4. Building a house. My parents built their house and let me play in the trenches of the septic tank system. Boy was this fun!

5. Date night.... I remember my parents going on a date and leaning us with a sitter for the first time. They brought me my very first Barbie doll. Superstar Barbie 1977. She was so perfect!

6. Blackboard...my grandmother got a giant blackboard for me. This became the design studio for my barbie town. I would draw the town on the board. This was a big deal...it took me days to make my town, just so I could play barbies.

7. I remember sitting on the bus telling myself. Life is a dream (cause of the song)....that really we were always dreaming...when we walked around it was a dream. Crazy, but that's me.

8. I remember peeing in my pants at school because my teacher would not let me go to the bathroom. She was so mean! I had to hide the pee stain by tying a sweater around my waist.

9. I remember hating my parents because they made me set, hoe and strip tobacco. It was so wrong! I hatred it so much.

10. I remember the first time I was old enough to remember seeing the rockies while we were crossing Kansas. One of my favorite childhood memories....snow capped mountains of Colorado....i love it out there!
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