30 January 2011

Strange things are happening

To borrow a line from the great movie Toy Story, this is my life today. We are closing a chapter. A chapter that has been a part of life for so long, I am not sure how to do things without it. It is hard to change course when you have done something for so long. For seven years Trevor has been dealing with his eye issues. It started when he was little and he was watching tv and John noticed his eye floating all over the place. We go to an eye doctor in Paducah and they say that they cannot help us and send us to a specialist in Carp Girardeau, MO who scares us to death by telling us that he will go blind in that eye if he does not have surgery. She even schedules it for the next week. We can't do that with a $2500 deductible...NO WAY....I start seeking options. I mention at church for them to pray for us because we did not know what we were going to do. A member is with the Lion's Club and he says that they may help us. My friend Rhonda told me this was a great avenue to pursue so off we go. This guys name is Tom and he said we had lots of options, the first being to go see their doctor in Louisville, KY at the Lions Club Eye Clinic. They would even sponsor Trevor to help out with the cost, because our insurance was so bad. So off we go....when we first met Dr. Paul Rychwalski, I thought, he is so young. I had done research on him and supposedly he is VERY good, but I expected him to be older. All he does is deal with people with children and their eye disabilities and diseases. It was a very comforting environment. It did not take Dr. Paul and his assistant long to determine that Trevor had a binocular vision disability and Amblyopia strabismus (lazy eye and misalignment). He would never be cured and would need therapy. I asked about the blindness and surgery and he said "Trevor is not a candidate for surgery because of what he is facing...not at this time" He immediately put us on a harsh (yes harsh) therapy of eye patching. Eye patching is a nightmare to parents. The child does NOT want to wear the patch, doesn't understand why they have to wear the patch and because you are patching the good eye, there is NO depth perception and the vision is whacked up. Who wants to go through that? Especially for 6 hours per day? WOW!!! We did it though (thanks to the preschool teachers who helped us out on this), and returned after 6 weeks, with good progress. It was GREAT progress actually, Dr. Rychwalski was proud of Trevor and said he could tell we were patching. He prescribed more patching.....

Our life over the next few years has been full of patching and an eye drops...Atropine. It was a scary thing to do because I have heard that it can damage the good eye. Also, it allows more sunlight to enter the eye so that it can cause cataracts and other vision issues. You are putting a chemical in the good eye to blur it so the bad eye has to do the focusing. I actually hated the atropine, but Trevor tended to prefer it. Mainly, because his friends had NO idea that there was "something wrong with him". We have had to be very careful with the atropine because we go to theme parks a lot, he plays outside sports and he is a boy and they like the outdoors. I still don't know when we will be able to tell if he has damage because of the sun.

Trevor has gone to the eye doctor every 6 weeks or so for almost 7 years. Because we knew he would never be cured, that we were just getting him to the best that we could get him, our goal was set kind of low....20/50 with visual aids. That means he can read the 20/50 line with the glasses on his face. It has been a back and forth emotional journey....20/70 at the worst and 20/30 at the best. Dr Rychwalski had been so pleased with his results and our determination to help Trevor the best that we could, he let us start seeing a local doctor in 2005. Dr Jeff Taylor. He has been a little bit of wonderful for us as well. He has taken Trevor's goal on as his own. When Trevor was not doing well, he too would get upset about it. When Trevor did well, he was just as excited as we were. I have recommended him to everyone that I know looking for an ophthalmologist because he is so wonderful. He has taken Trevor's concerns to heart as if Trevor were an adult, and this speaks volumes to me. He has been wonderful with my little boy.

Dr Taylor said it was coming, he has warned us for a long time...around the age of 8 Trevor's eye would stop growing and there would be nothing else that we could do. Here we are, age 8 and Dr. Taylor wanted him so badly (right on with us) to read that 20/30 line (that was sort of a secret goal)....Trevor could not do it. We went to the dr last Friday and he said "stop using the drops." This is it the end...20/50 is the best Trevor is going to do. Yes, it is the goal, he will be able to drive a car, it is just bittersweet. There is nothing else we can do to make it better. Trevor really knows no life outside of eye therapy. It is going to be strange all his life we had to put the patch on or drop the drops.

Let me explain his life...He has had to cover up an eye that sees perfectly. Therefore, his vision has been a constant blurry out of alignment mess for almost 7 years. He has never seen a baseball coming at him as his teammates have, he has never read a book like other people, he has never watched tv where he didn't angle his head to be able to see better. I am so proud of the things he has accomplished under these circumstances, he is a great student, he is a very good baseball player (when his bad eye will work like it is supposed to), he is not afraid to try new things, and doesn't know the meaning of "I can't see so I won't do it". He gets out there and tries and most times, he succeeds.

Now that we are at the end, we have to make sure that we have not damaged that good eye. That poor eye has been through a lot over the last 7 years as well. It has had to turn itself off, be covered up and blurred so it could not see a thing. Have we damaged it under all this therapy? Actually that is a possibility. We have finished with all therapy! A hard concept for me to grasp. Trevor is having no issues there. Now we go back in 4 weeks to see if the good eye is ok. To make sure there is no damage. Are we finished going to the eye doctor all the time? We don't know yet. Is this eye going to be ok? We don't know yet. Will he ever need eye surgery on the bad eye? We don't know yet. But I will tell you, it will be nice to not have to go to the eye doctor every other month, it will be nice not to have to use eye drops, it will be nice not to have to put on an eye patch, it will be very nice to see how he hits a baseball using NO therapy. I think I look forward to that...yes I know I do. Now that the good eye will be able to use the depth perception that it has...he may really have a great season.

Trevor has been great through all of this. Yes, he has screamed and cried and ran away from me because I had to do stuff to his eyes, but gosh Trevor it's over. I am proud of you for being such a good boy at the eye doctor all these years, I shall miss playing eye spy with you while we wait for Dr. Taylor. I shall miss playing jeopardy with you in the waiting room. I shall miss buying you a hamburger because you have been such a good boy. I shall miss the nurse saying "why do you never want a sucker?" to you. But I am glad that you will be able to drive a car one day and your mama won't have to drive you and your girlfriend on dates. Yes, that part makes me happy. I don't want to be toting you around when you are 50, I am glad that you will be able to drive and you can tote me around.

Thanks to the doctors who have helped us over the years...Especially to Dr Paul Rychwalski, who was willing to try hard to make my babies life better without putting him under the knife. Thank you for all that you and Dr Taylor have done for my little boy.

Ocean boneless

It has got to be the best fish that I have ever put in my mouth. I have only found it at one restaurant, the Country Crossroads in Hardin. I started eating it as a senior in high school and John and I have been there many times as well. There were times that we would come home from Little Rock and that would be one of the first things we did (that and drink a sundrop).

Over the years that fish has been a favorite....there was a bad time when the restaurant closed. I never knew for sure why, but it did. John and I tried many restaurants at the lakes looking for our ocean boneless, but no one had it. It was a thrill to hear it was reopening...our only hope was that they kept the ocean boneless. They had changed some things, do the decor, but it needed that....and they brought you a plate of hush puppies and cheese sauce! That's was new and exciting! Yummy as well! There it was on the menu, OCEAN BONELESS. The cost was more than before, but I promise you, the taste is worth every penny. It says exactly the same. They did improve their dinner salad (it used to be just lettuce) and the white beans hanger always been good. So we are going to the Country Crossroads this weekend...maybe I will take a photo for you. It'd need worth the time, effort and money for you to drive yourself over to Hardin and pig out on this tasty, yummy treat.
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Happiness at Ole Miss

About 5 years ago, John asked me to go see a UK game with him at a little school called Ole Miss. No, I had never been there, never thought of going there and really did not want to go to the game, but he said, "I will take you shopping after the game." Well, that is the way to my heart, so off I went to this little game. It was ok I guess, I remember NONE of the game. What I remember is going to Wal-mart. And in Wal-mart was this little machine that I had wanted for a LONG LONG time, well, not that long because it had not been out that long, but long enough in my eyes. It was a scrapbook machine that would cut out die-cut letters and shapes with the touch of a button. You would buy cartridges and put them in the machine and you would expand the base of what the machine could do. WOW!!! It would be great for someone like me...but alas when they came out they were like $300 and that was NOT going to happen for me. I would watch the infomercial and dream of the day that I might have one...dream a long shot dream is what I did. Well, we are just basically killing time in this Wal-mart, picked up a Yoda bubble bath and a few other things and there on an end cap was this machine, the CRICUT!!! Oh, it was lovely, I went to pet the box and drool over the instructions (this was the first one that I had seen in real life). And low and behold on the corner of the box was a clearance sticker! Now mind you, these machines were still NEW, I mean they were a hot item with the scrapbook world....so this was like finding a gold necklace in the bottom of a shoe box. It was only $145!!!! Less than 1/2 what I had priced them for. No brainier, it was going home with me today!!!!!!!!

Well, here we are all these years later, you have not failed me in any way. I still use you often, never traded you in or dissed you in any way. You have proved worth every bit of the $145 that I paid for you and have saved me more than that in die-cuts alone. I thank you for being so loyal, true and all mine. Thank you, Wal-mart near the campus of Ole Miss for giving me such a great gift. Thank you Provo Craft for making such a great product. My first generation of cricut is still amazing!!!!

29 January 2011

Florida 2010

Florida 2010
I was a tad nervous about this whole trip…problems at work, Grandpa sick, and a timeshare. We had never booked a timeshare. I read the reviews online and some were good, a free great, and many BAD ones. I had already decided that I would throw a fit if needed. When we approached the resort exit, it was easy to tell that it was NOT in the tourist district…PLUS 1 for the Tiki’s. It was 8 miles from I 4 and 6 miles from the Disney West gate. NICE! We had a brand new super Target and 2 Publix and not a lot of tourists.
The resort looked inviting on the outside, you had the little Tiki Gods holding up the sign and very landscaped lawns. When I entered the lobby, it was spread out and open. This was a tad confusing, I went to the “check-in” desk but because I was with a timeshare I had to go to an additional check-in desk. I got my room key and the girl sent me down the counter to our “resort guide”. She wanted to get me Disney tickets cheap. All I had to do was listen to a vacation club talk. NOPE!!! I am not doing what I said. “I own the timeshare, I am in and don’t need anything else” She continued to offer me more things for 1 hour or 30 minutes of my time and I said, “NO, I am going to my room” and that was the end. It was not as high pressured as I expected.
We drove around to our unit the 1200 unit that I had read good reviews about online. Our room was 12331F. We opened the door and were knocked out by a very FISHY smell. YUCK! I got out the air freshener fast! We had one bedroom, one bath, a pullout sofa, a kitchen, a dining room, and laundry. We also had a bonus foyer, which was nice to store stuff. The room was clean (YAY) and stocked well. There was a vacuum, dishes, laundry detergent, dish detergent, a dishwasher; a living room….it was nice.
Everything in the unit worked fine except the front AV jacks on the tv, but we could plug the Wii into the back AV jacks. There were NOT enough blankets supplied and the sheets for the couch are NOT fitted so they do not stay on well. I will bring sheets next time.
Now for the water park…well, it was NOT what I expected. The site says “five water slides”, I assumed they were “water slides” because it did not say anything about being Kiddie slides. They were kiddie slides L. And the site said that there was a wave pool. The wave pool was one corner of a pool and it just had jets L. Not fun! The lobby pool was nice. Zero gravity pool, hot tub and very uncrowded! This is where we spent pool time. We never ventured onto the tennis courts, basketball courts or the golf course….NO TIME!!
What did we do? Monday is was Disney….well, EPCOT to be exact. EPCOT is the favorite park so it was a no brainer. We did our touring plan and had a marvelous day. We first fast passed Soarin’ then rode Test Track, Mission Space, Universe of Energy and then back to Soarin. Here we saw the Heath gang. Our baseball coach, Steve Shelby (my touring plan buddy) and all their families. It was fun to sit next to Steve on Soarin’. This was in the first hour! We fast passed Soarin again, rode Living with the Land and then headed over to Journey into imagination and the Living Seas. After that, we could relax a bit and just take it easy. We decided to eat. Hannah and I ate at Sunshine Seasons (my favorite ala cart place at WDW) and the boys ate at Electric Umbrella. My salad was superb as always. I always get the salad grown at EPCOT and the tuna salad…YUMMY! Hannah always gets the chicken leg and mashed potatoes.
After lunch, we headed over to World Showcase. Trevor was going to do a Kidcot mask because he has never done one (have no idea why). We got over to France and entered the Kidcot station and low and behold who was there but Mark and Grant Eyer. We spent a little time with the guys and joined up with Heidi and waited for Marie. After that, Mark decided to kill my son J and then we had to get back to ride Soarin again. This was designed as a break for my family who don’t really like the countries, they only go to humor me. After that, we started where we left off….France. As we approached America, the Kool and the Gang concert was about to start. ………… Yeah, we watched it…our kids were bored to death, but we knew all the words. It was very cool and I got great photos of drunken ladies dancing in the aisles and with the band.
When Kool was over we once again trekked on through the countries…..not much happened until Mexico where we got to eat some very good tacos. Well, it depends on who you ask. I thought they were good Hannah hated them.
We ended the day by the boys watching Illuminations and the girls running back to do Test Track one more time! It was an amazing ride and worth the running across the park that Hannah and I did to get there.
Once everyone got moving we got into the car and headed over to Daytona. It was a nice quiet ride across I 4. And it was quiet in Daytona. We got on A1A and headed down the strip. It was nice to look around at everything as we have not been able to go to Daytona since 2005. We found the hotel that John and I stayed in on our honeymoon, and low and behold it is STILL a dump!!! We found a real gem on the strip, something that was NOT there the last time we were there….Sloppy Joe’s. Now, this takes us back to Key West. Yep, we ate there. I had the famous Sloppy Joe….yummy and I had to school my daughter on who “Papa” was. She had never heard of Hemingway. What are the schools teaching children, no Hemingway? That is an issue for later. We traveled back to Orlando and a good nights sleep, tomorrow is Universal Studios.
Universal Studios
Well, I was a bit nervous about this too. I remember last time we went to Universal is was roller coasters and I don't do coasters. Not at all, but I was excited that Trevor would get to see Harry Potter. That is exciting anyway because that part of the park just opened in June so Trevor would be one of the first people to go there.
It was very easy to get him a pass for the lines. I just went to guest service and they took care of him quickly. That is always nice. It did not matter in most instances. I had read that Spiderman was one of the greatest rides on the planet, so we headed there first. WOW!!!WOW!!!WOW!!! This was a little bit of wonderful. It is a simulator, part 3-D, part live action, part animation, all thrills! It had real flames, real water, Spidey would talk to us like he was in the car with us. What is happening is you get in this car and are traveling through town. Spiderman is with you and Doc Oct grabs your car and shakes you trying to kill you. What happens next is that a bunch of villains begin to bother your car and Spidey has to save you. And succeed he does.

Next we just walked about a bit and saw a place to eat lunch. We got the all you can eat package and planned to take advantage of it. We stopped for the first meal in the cartoon type restaurant. It was just OK! We did get this large bottle of coke that we could refill and that was very nice.
WE kept walking and around a bend we saw this giant castle. Yep, that's it HOgwarts. It was so lovely. I have always loved castles so it was exciting in that aspect but that is about all. As you are walking around towards the castles you enter Hogsmeade. It is like a throw back to olden times and I loved it instantly. The town was snow covered and a snowman greeted you as you entered the city gates. WE went inside Honeydukes, and it was sort of cool. The kids liked it but they knew what all the stuff was and I did not. There were butterbeer carts everywhere but I have no idea what that is at this point in time. No, I have not ever read the books and never cared to. There was the HOgwarts train and a conductor standing outside. The kids had their photo made in front of it and it was very cool. We sent John over to the Dragon's Challenge because I heard it was fun for roller coaster folks. So we went into Diagon Alley to watch John on the coaster. We did not know if he was on fire or ice, but I am telling you I was scared. I knew that the coasters were 12 inches apart from each other when you were in the middle of the ride and the riders were upside down. John got a little woozy...not good. But then we climbed the hill and headed to Hogwarts. I wanted so badly to go inside this castle and here we go. We showed Trevor's pass and they let us right in. We climbed some stairs and got into the ride line. OH MY GOSH, this ride was the best thing I have ever done. I had no idea what any of it meant. I have since studied Harry and read the books so now I know that Argog, the dementors, and he who must not be named. It was so good, that we got back in line to ride it again. We got right back in line and got on the ride within minutes. It was just as thrilling the second time and actually I wanted to ride it again, but John got sick. Very sick!!! While we were waiting for him to get better we rode the Flight of the Hippogriph. That was a family friendly coaster and not bad at all for someone like me that doses not like coasters.

We took at break and ate lunch in Dr Seuss, this was way better than the last place that we ate.
After lunch we headed to Poseidon. I have no idea what movie this is from but the show was very interesting. I enjoyed it.
After this we headed back to Harry. The wait was 80 minutes but we got right on. After that we headed to the old Universal. WE did the Twister, which is just like it was in 97 and a bit dated. We did the Simpsons (I hated it but everyone else liked it), Men in Black (we did this twice it was so fun), Jaws (I loved Trevor's reaction), ET (just as cool as I remember), and we ate dinner. That's all for today folks.
The next morning Grandpa called with problems but we decided we could not get home in time so we carried on waiting for news on him. We rode the Harry Potter ride again (I think 2 or 3 more times), the Nick show (nice), Shrek (nice except that you have to stand). I met Lucy and Ricky and Marliyn Monroe while everyone else did the Terminator show. We rode the spiderman a couple more times and I think that we did the DR Suess train this day too. All in all, Universal was great and hooked me on the HP bandwagon.

We left Fl early before we were scheduled because we felt we needed to get home for Grandpa, but it was a great trip and I want to go again.

28 January 2011

You confuse me....

You claim you don't like pork, but everytime I look you are trying to make my taxes go to saving the woodland bees or the toothless beavers in Tennesseee.

You claim you are here for the little man, the middle class, but once you get elected...you forget all about us.

You claim you are not going to run for office, but you keep making moves, giving speeches, and attending functions that a candidate would do.

You claim that you never had relations will that person, but it always comes out that you have....and sometimes you have a child with them too...but you still say that you did not have sexual relations with them. Even after dna comes out, you claim your were faithful too your spouse.

You claim to follow the constitution, but when questioned a about part of the document, you ask what is that?

You claim to be one of us but in reality you don't do anything at home because you have tons of servants. Golly gee, you don't even take your own kids to their soccer games.

I am lost, sinking into a land of confusion (thanks phil collins), creating distrust, leaving me wanting to kick you out of office.
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Facts of life

It is a fact that as you finish the last load of laundry, you will sit down and magically a ton of dirty clothes will appear.

It is a fact that you will run out of dental floss just as you need it the most.

It is a fact that as much as I love het and support her, sarah palin will insert her foot into her mouth.

It is a fact that boys will laugh at toot jokes.

It is a fact that I am on Team Jasper.

It is a fact that my internet is out on most days.

It is a fact that I want to get published and run for public office.

It is a fact that Joe at Olive Garden is a terrible grumpy server.

It is a fact that coca cola cake is yummy.

It is a fact that I want Huckabee to run in 2012.

It is a fact that I hate mold.

It its a fact that I will never run pout of facts.
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23 January 2011

I love you to the moon and back

Well, I aired my bad things, now I will play Oprah and and tell you my happiness things of today....only I am NOT giving you a car or a trip.

McDonalds Double Cheese burger...I don't know why you and I love each other so. We have loved each other since I was in high school and I first consumed those 2 patties on a smallish bun. You are fried and greasy, but I crave you often. You have no tomatoes or lettuce, but I still love you. Those little "onions" make me very very happy. Wish I had one right now.

Coffee...well, I have turned into my mother who turned into my grandmother. Yeah, I drink coffee now. I have to brush my teeth right after, but I love the taste at first. 3 creams and 2 sugars....unless it is flavored cream and I have (GASP) gotten to the point in life where I can go without sugar then. WOW I am old!!!

Music...have to have you in my life everyday. You make me happy, sad, thoughtful, gleeful, humble, spiritual and just generally ECSTATIC!

Politics..you make me happy, you make me sad. I can't get enough of you. Gosh, I watch Meet the Press for fun (heart David Gregory)...oh gosh that brings me to the next topic....

News people...I love the anchors....Brokaw, Gregory, Matthews, HOLT (the best), Champion :)

Heidi Eyer...one of my all time favorite people...she just posted on fb that she was on my bad list, she had no idea she was on the good list too. She is an amazing person. One of my heroes in life. She is loud, crude, giving, loving, smart, obnoxious, caring, and a jerk. I love her dearly!

Rednecks...Jeff Foxworthy gave you to me and I love you all, wait I love Ya'll. Git er' done

preschool mats that had holes in them...can't use them for work, but I brought one home from school for my son. It is nice that he uses it and does not try to sleep in my bed.

Food...yeah I know I mentioned you before, but you get to be mentioned again. I love to eat. Love to photograph the food I eat. Love to scrapbook the food I eat. Yeah, I am strange. I must be hungry, I can't stop thinking of food things.

Computers...I LOVE you very much. You can make me feel smart and you can make me feel dumb. You can let me do research or you can let me stayed connected. You are fun and I am reading even more books now and I read a lot before. Maybe a new record for books read in 2011.

That is all I have for today...Later taters.

22 January 2011

ooooooo weee what's up with that?

What is up with this world? I am very confused about the whole state of affairs. What is wrong with this world? Oh my gosh, I sound like my grandmother!!!!!!!!

For one thing, I notice that children seem to be ruling the world. WHY? Yeah, why? Since when did a child become all knowing, all seeing, and IN CHARGE? Don't get it.

Sarah Palin....Girl, I love you, you know that. I stand behind you and think that your ideas are good, but you are scaring me. I am starting to think that you are living in coo coo world. Honey, if you want to make a difference in 2012, step up, study, and quit being self-centered. Now, please note that Huck has first place in my heart....so I will back him first. But girl, you can't compete with him. I am sorry, that is just how it is.

Dick Wolf...quit messing with the L&O formula, it works leave it alone.

Conan...I still need my t-shirt. I promise you, I am your BIGGEST fan in Western KY. Hands down...This is THRICE that I have told you that.

Butt cracks...to the girl at ball practice/games that seem to think that I want to see everything she has got. I do not!!!! Please pull up your britches. I do not, have not, never will want to see your butt crack again.

Lone Oak First Baptist...I love your Upward program, but am kind of jealous when I hear that First Baptist Paducah has a fog machine.

Summit Entertainment....why do you think it is a good idea to make me wait until November to see this movie? Okay, I get it, because once these 2 movies come out that is it, it's over. You want me to savor the time and enjoy what I have...but I want to see my vampires do new things.

Stephanie Meyer...that brings me to you...please write more back stories on vampires...I love Bree Tanner, love every page of that book and need more. One on Riley, one on Fred, one on Jane, one on Carlisle...come on you can do it.

Nook/Kindle/Laputa/aldiko....I need Philippa Carr in the digital form, please.

cheaters....stop cheating, I can't stand you. I can't understand why you can make a vow in front of God and your church and then throw it away for a moments/moments of passion. What is your problem?

John Grisham...I need a new book...please

Oatmeal...you and I are broken up. I am so sick of you. I understand that you are going to help me live longer, but I am tired of your texture. I am tired of the smell of you. I am sick of consuming you. Why do you have to be "good for me". I think we are done...yes, we are...I shall go to Cheerios, which is not much better.

Heidi Eyer....you would have so much fun on a vacation with me....yes you would.

nail biter....yes, you Michelle Champion...STOP IT!!! STOP IT right now!!!! STOP IT!!!

Love...I thought it was forever. Mine seems to grow deeper. I can't understand why some of you use "love" like a state of mind, instead of an emotion. I love many things yes, some on deep levels (my husband) and some cause they make me happy (disney) and others cause they give me a little satisfaction (electronics). I don't change my love cause I get mad at them. I just don't understand why some can say "I love you today" and tomorrow wake up and say "I don't love you anymore". It confuses me so much.

house cleaning....I have never loved you, so I can say that I hate you. Oh yes, you are a must because I can't stand living in filth....but I hate you. I would rather watch tv and read or scrapbook and you take that time from me. I hate you!!! Hate is a strong word, but I feel that way about you.

that is all my grievances for today. I am sure I will have more later. And probably a happiness because so much makes me happy.

21 January 2011

I don't stink at this!

I may be stealing the inspiration for the blog from April Rambo, but the content is mine. I love lists so it will be in list form. What is it? Things that anger me and things that make me happy. Ready?

1. People that think they are above their bosses. There's a chain of command for a reason. You do what your boss says or you are fired (or should be).

2. Bellsouth.net-you never work for me when I need you.

3. People that use their cell phone at work. I am very addicted to mine but can put it down at work.

4. The government- do you really think you have the needs of the public at heart? Really? What planet are you from? What country do you live in? Cause its not America!

5. Why can't kids read more books?

6. Why can I never get all the stuff fine that I want to do?

7. People that cheat on their spouses? I keep hearing of this and I am, sick of it.

8. People that put my husband down. He went to college to study weather, I bet you did not...so shut up.

9. Gotta agree with April on this one. We have child care and preschool NOT a daycare! There is a big difference! A child care teacher will never earn what they are worth or what they should for what they teach those children. Or for how much of their own personal money is spent on those kids. Or for how much of themselves they give to those kids. Think about how important the first five years of life are in the development of a child!

10. People that really don't care about anyone but themselves. People that are not team players. People that think they are above the law. People that use phones and drive.

Happiness things
1. My husband-he loves me for what I am. He likes to spend time with me. He still wants to take me on dates. I love him dearly!

2. My kids- even though my teenager thinks I am stupid...i think that she is smart (needs to study more), talented, a computer whiz, and beautiful. My son, who still likes to hang with me, is talented, loud, funny, and generally crazy. I am blessed to have such great kids.

3. My family- they are pretty great. They have quirks but don't we all?

4. My job- I have been here For almost ten years. Wow, how I needed Olivet! I want to provide for Olibet what it gave me. Olivet is a wonderful environment. It does take up most of my time, but its an investment..an investment in the future.

5. My scrapbooking-this is my creative outlet. I need this to survive. I use it when work is bad when life throws me lemons. What I want from it is to get published. I am trying very hard at this. I think I would be a great addition to a design team. This is what I dreamed of when I thought of a career in art. I am on the way.

6. Hard workers/team players-i complained about people that don't want to be the party of a team...now there are some that do. They are honest, hard-working, and loyal. These are the people you want in your life.

7. Music-I love too listen to music. It can be an escape, an inspiration, a motivator, a mood changer.

8. Chapstick-i admit I am addicted to it. I have tons of tubes around my house...can't be calm without it.

9. Books-another escape. I can enter an entire new world. I can go anywhere with a book. As my favorite President said "i cannot live without books"

10. My faith in God-i know it is He through all things are possible. I count myself very blessed to have a relationship with God. I know some are raised not knowing God and I am glad my parents gave me this gift.
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20 January 2011


I am not trying to display myself as the smarty pants of Paducah, KY! Never said that I was. Actually, I am very willing to admit that sometimes I don't have the answers, that I am not up on the latest and greatest, and that well, I know will never be a brain surgeon. There are somethings that I do know and would like very much for you to give me credit on that. I know about early childhood education, scrapbooking (products and techniques), I know a little about phones, I know a lot about Alaska and the National Parks, I know a tab about volcanoes, I know TONS about cruising and cruise ships, I can put together ANYTHING (and take it apart)I know a bunch about whales, about how to save a buck or two, have been paid to do murals, I am a trivia wiz and I know a bit about manipulating my android interface. I understand that you know more about me in other things, and I bow to you and give you credit where credit is due. I expect the same courtesy from you please?

Which one of you has won a contest on C-SPAN for your artistic abilities? Which one of you has installed a timer in your washer and dryer, a heating element in your dryer, been invited to speak at a local preschool event, installed a fan in a very tiny attic space, been paid to paint murals for people, competed with people from many states in a trivia competition? Again, I am not saying that you have not achieved some great things, and actually, I would like to hear what you have done. Just remember that sometimes there are others that might know something about something that you are not skilled in. I know that when I have computer questions, I have my go-to people; when I want to do electrical work, I have my go-to people; when I need a car repair, I have my go-to people...get it? I don't know it all! Never professed to know it all. I shall give you credit for the things that you can do, please do the same for ME!! I am not stupid, I am not unimportant, I am not just a babysitter, I am not just a blonde (no, it's browner) that has no brains. I am a human that God made, and He gave me some talents and smarts and I would like His work credited, please. Thanks...me

11 January 2011

Here kitty kitty

Hello all, this little blog if an ode to a very pretty cat with a big attitude. My cat was born on March 7, 2005. She was the cutest little kitten ever...sweet, loving, playful...she did not try to tear up anything in the house, she did not cause trouble of any type.
Then she grew up! She became temperamental and began to bite. She had the reputation of an evil cat, and it was well deserved. The snuggling aspect was gone, but the biting instinct became strong. So strong in fact that the cat would have a new nickname, evil cat. The evil cat would "attack" unprovoked. A human could walk by her and bam, they were attacked. A human could be cuddled up with her, simply petting her and all the sudden.....bitten again. The cat could be asleep and all the sudden wake-up and bite the human. Maybe she had seen too many vampire flicks? Maybe.

That sounds awful, oh yes it does, but that's not her worst. The worst is when a human can sleep in. How can sleeping in matter? I.still have not figured that out. The human can be sleeping, soundly and outside the humans, bedroom door comes a very loud.....MEOW! The meowing will go on, a door will be rattled, the meowing gets louder....the human awakens in a very grumpy state. Why do you meow? Why won't you tell me? You meow loudly and I can't stand it! Yes, this cat meows while you are fixing dinner, she meows when you sleep, meows when you are vacuuming...WHY CAT? No human can figure out why. No human can stand it either....help, help, help me understand. You get three square meals, sometimes more if the kids feed you. You have many great places to sleep. You have a family that would love to snuggle with you if you would not bite them. You have it all! Why are you throwing it all away? Don't you care? Don't you love your humans? Don't you? Answer me! Quit sitting there looking at me like you are so beautiful that I should ner grateful to be in your presence. I don't owe you anything! I just want you to love your humans. Stop biting them...stop waking them from their well-earned slumber...Stop it! Be a good kitty! Be a kitty that people want to love. That guest are not afraid to touch....keep these guests from even scared to enter the house! Cat, just be good!!!!
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10 January 2011

Goals of 2011

Here are this year's goals
1. Get some of my artwork published
2. Learn to make those Making Memories jewelry kits (should not be hard)
3. paint Trevor's room
4. get rid of junk around the house
5. Find a way to run for public office in 2012
6. Be less emotional
7. Hire someone to clean my house
8. Get a better chair for the ball parks.
9. Solve the problems in American politics, I can do it
10. Say thank you

09 January 2011

Dear target...

Everyone here in Paducah, KY is trying to convince you to come here to our town. I too want to get on on the fun. Why do you need to come here? Because I spent $212 at Wal-mart just Saturday. I bought plastic containers to store the foods in my cabinets. While the containers were not the exact ones that I wanted I had no choice because you are a 45-minute drive away from me. Still not convinced? How about products? Wal-mart starts selling a product, you try it, fall in love with it and BAM Wal-mart stops selling the product. Blue Plax would be the prime example...you sell it no more, but you are the one that got me hooked on blue Plax! Loreal concealer? Lavender humidifier stuff? Peppermint truffles? Green onion dip? How many things do I have to mention before you see how much I need you? Why should Wal-mart get all my money? I would love to give some ( if not all that I spend there) to you! Please come here and let me spend some time in your store! I love you dollar bins, your bedding, your clothes, your handbags, your electronics, your clearance, and even your scrapbook stuff! Please Target consider my needs in making your decision... I need a Target, my family needs a Target, my town needs a Target.

Yes, my town. Do you realize that our citizens drive 45 minutes away to deposit money in your bank account, but that money not only is being spent in another town but also another state? Both our town and state need this revenue here in our area. We need people to drive to our area to go to Target! We ate a town that once was the same size as Bowling Green and Owensboro, but in the last twenty years, those towns have gotten more affordable middle-class housing subdivisions and apartments, more shopping, restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, and Target! Those cities have long since passed us in size and "stuff to do". Our city leaders all ready lost a submarine because they simply cannot have a vision for our city....we need you to help everyone see what great potential Paducah has...do great Benny Goodman once wrote a song about us and out appeared in a popular 1940's movie. Please Target help our city, our citizens and most importantly ME!
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Dear scrapbook people

I would like to be published! Oh yes, I know many scrapbook artists tell you that, but I mean it more than they do. Well, that is ugly, I am just saying that I am deserving of your time. Why? Why me, a girl from Paducah, KY...because I am a FAST scrapbooker (very good for your magazines), I am a through scrapbooker, I can paint anything that I can see (I can paint your background pages), I am very willing to try new techniques/products and I can give you reviews on those techniques and products, I have many different scrapbook styles (I can do classic, simple, complex, hand painted, hand drawn, from the box kit, stamps, distressed) and I am "witty" so I would be funny in print.

All my life I have been "artsy", but could never find my niche....yeah, I have found it. I find time DAILY to do something (even with working outside the home more than 40 hours per week, about 40 more at home cleaning, and really about 20 on my "hobby"). I have been trying to find a way to channel my creative thoughts and this is it!

What do I have to offer you? I would like to think a fresh spin on some ideas, random scrapbook pages about everyday life and not just the big moments, and I am the vacation photo queen.

I have been scrapbooking the "right way" for 14 years and all other ways for over 20. With 42 albums created (they are quite overstuffed) in the last 17 years, and I am UP TO DATE on all my photos! That's right, I have NO boxes of photos that are not scrapped....so I need you as much as you need me because I need more things to scrap. I don't think that you can go wrong with me...I think you will get a new spin on some things and I KNOW you will have a good time!!! Thanks for listening, thanks for your products, and thanks for helping me lower the dollars in my bank account and add to the books on my shelves. Thanks to scrapbooking, I love you!!!!
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I'll take that challenge

In order to make me a better scrapbooker, I am supposed to take a word....a noun...and write about it. I am supposed to use words, phrases, and even stories about this noun. I have to write for ten minutes and so my dear readers, you get to benefit from this task (yeah, you can call it that, a benefit).


yummy, juicy, "some pink", a good burger is a burger that leaves a trail of juices running down your arm, can't get enough

I have had a love affair with cheeseburgers for as long as I can remember. I have traveled far and wide in search of the "perfect burger". I have found some that claim to be "the best" but ended up tasting more like "the least". I have had very expensive burgers to cheap little "low quality" burgers.

The first burger that I ever remembering "loving" was a burger from Burger King. Now see people back when I was a child the closest BK was in Clarksville, TN. So going to Burger King was a HUGE event. We would often make a day trip to Nashville just so we could stop in Clarksville and eat a Whopper (I think we ate at another one in Nashville too). On the way to Colorado one year, I bet we stopped at every Burger King that we crossed just to again have a Whopper. When we heard that Paducah was finally getting one, it was a little hard to believe. We were so excited and actually, I remember going on my first date with John. He said where would you like to go eat? He was thinking I would pick Cracker Barrel or the Brass Lantern...NOPE, I picked Burger King. It was a brand new store and I could not get enough of those Whoppers!!!

Then there was Ruby Tuesday..... I remember that my dad and I used to seek high and low for a burger as good as a Ruby Tuesday burger (see this love runs in the family). I guess this affair stopped when the Paducah store closed and we could not get one anymore. Then I moved to Arkansas and discovered Mexican food, I did take a little break from the affair with the cheeseburger but not much. The first place we ever ate in Little Rock was a Burger King on Markham Street (we actually spent the night in the parking lot in our uhaul---we were the first customers of the day). Once while at the Arkansas State Fair, we tried this burger that was beyond belief...it was a real live "hub cab" burger. This thing was MONSTROUS!!!! We had it plain so that John could eat it, but I sure would love to try it with ketchup, lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, and maybe bacon! For a while, I thought this was the best burger EVER!!! Of course, I have only tasted one in my whole life, so it might not be as good as I remember.

Then we moved back to Kentucky and had to begin the search all over again. I was over Burger King, we had no Ruby Tuesday...there was not much. In October 2006, John had to go to an NWA meeting, in Cleveland, Ohio. I spent the week traveling around the town and going to Cracker Barrel store that I had opened while he was in meetings. I saw this place by the mall Red Robin, Gourmet Burgers and thought, "what a strange concept" and kept driving. As the week ended we wanted to eat our last meal in Cleveland so I took him to the mall area where I had spent most of my week (be honest Michelle you were hoping for one more trip to Archiver's and you got it). John saw this Red Robin sign, we had never heard of it before (other than me seeing the sign earlier in the week), and he said: "let's go there." We entered and I ordered a Cherry Coke. WOW, it knocked your socks off good. It ranked up there with a Sonic cherry coke. Then I ordered the Bacon Guacamole burger, some pink with garlic Parmesan fries. My friends, that was the end, I had achieved the goal... I HAD FOUND THE PERFECT BURGER!!!!! It's the end of the road for you all. Thank you, good night. RR had perfected it!!! The smiling burger made me smile so big. I took the picture of the burger and had to have more. And I have, we have traveled far and wide for Red Robin, as my dad used to travel for Burger King. I have been to them in Colorado down to Tennessee. Oh somewhere I have a list, I also have a photo that has been taken in every single one that I have enjoyed a burger....plus, I even had one that I have driven by TWICE and never walked through its doors. Pier 95 Red Robin in Seattle Washington...maybe one day I shall enjoy a bacon guac in your presence.

Thanks for joining me for my love affair with the cheeseburger. May you find your true burger happiness.

I did it, Creating Keepsakes, I hope that you are happy with me...I journal-ed for over ten minutes on a random noun....the cheeseburger

07 January 2011


Sometimes you have to choose to do something. Sometimes it is easy and you can just snap right to it the answer. Sometimes it is something that you have longed for so it is a quick decision. Sometimes it will require "sleeping on it" Sometimes it is something you never thought that you would do...Something you never thought you could do...Something that you never thought that you would have to do. Basically, life is full of decisions.

*What will I wear today?
*What toothpaste will I use this morning?
*What will I wash first, colors or whites?
*What will I send in my child's lunch?
*Should I scrapbook or should I paint today?
*Should I call and complain about the service I received at the restaurant today?
*Should I eat chocolate or be a good girl?
*Would be the best way to handle ___________?
*When should I hire someone to _____________?
*What important things am I missing speaking to my kids about?

Uh, I could go on forever and ever. How do you make a decision? Do you jump at it? Do you pray about it? Do you "sleep on it"? Do you try to put off the decision? That is where I am today. So many decisions...how do you know what is right? How do you know if the tree is really dead? Or is it dormant? How do you know that you killed all the weevils? How do you know that you are choosing the right thing for your child? How do you know that life is about to change in ways you never thought possible but it is coming? Can you ignore it and make it go away? No, not the questions that I am facing. Can you pretend that everything is fine and just go about day to day life? No, not with the decisions on my plate. How will you know it is right? Faith!!! What? FAITH!!! Faith you say? Faith. Faith that God can handle it. Give it to him. Yes, the answer lies in the power of prayer and trust! Prayer for the truth to enter the heart and the decision will come easily. The decision will be right! Is it going to be easy? No, but then where was the guarantee that life would be easy? Where is the guarantee that the best choices might not "feel" like the best? The guarantee that you could handle this on your own? I never saw that guarantee. I know it doesn't exist, what does exist is PRAYER!! Prayer, I believe the answer lies in prayer. Thank you, I now know what must be done! I have to run I have a more important thing to do now.