30 July 2009

This needs no title other than DEF LEPPARD

Just listening to an album that changed some of my musical tastes for the rest of my life. I remember where I was the first time I saw the video for "foolin". Yes I do, I was in the living room in Mayfield in front of a coffee table that we used to hold our tv. I was sitting on the floor with my hand on the cable box (no remotes back then), and was changing the channels. I stopped on Friday Night Videos (this show was very popular in my youth), and saw Joe Elliott on a triangle sort of tied up. Ok, I knew who Def Leppard was because of my uncle. He had played the High N' Dry "tape" for me in his car. I loved the music but this was different. While it had the same guitar style, it was in a class of it's own. I watched the whole video and begged my mom for the tape. I do believe it was my uncle who ended up giving me his tape, but I can't remember. All I know is I got it and I was hooked for life (I still have this tape...doesn't work anymore just have it for the memories).

Pyromania was the 2nd best selling album of 1983...an album that you probably have not heard of but thrilled me just as much was the #1 album of that year. It was called Thriller by a fellow that goes by Michael Jackson. While Pyromania was HUGE and by most years sales, it would have been number 1 by a long shot....that other album just sort of took over. Believe it or not it sort of happened again in 1987 when Def Lep released Hysteria, Jackson did Bad and again Bad outsold it by a few million. Strange how that happened both times in both careers. Of course, the Jackson fellow sold way more than the Def Lep, and I must admit in both cases I helped that Jackson fellow by buying his products.

Over the course of time, I have had 2 pyromania LPs, 3 cassette tapes, and 2 cds. Only one of which I did not purchase myself, but all of which I have worn out, with the exception of that last cd. Compare to Hysteria and it is stranger, 1 LP, 6 cassettes, and 2 cds.

Pryomania still ranks as one of the top albums of all time for me and you know I forgot to buy the deluxe set last month because of that Jackson fellow again (this time he died). I have just now ordered it and look forward to hearing the band sing "traveling band" with Brian May. You see the set comes with the remastered cd, but also a live unreleased show from 1983, which is what I am most looking forward to hearing.

And in 10 days I go see them again. I am sure it will be just as fun and thrilling as all of the other times that I have been to see them and I look forward to it very much.

Oh, I guess that again this year, Michael Jackson will out sell the Leppards...mmmmm

24 July 2009

A fried egg with the middle loose

I have many many things running through my mind today. However, the brain is a tad fried, a bit like an egg with the middle loose. Crusty on the outside, but it you touch it all the middle will ooze into a large puddle at your feet. I am literally DEAD tired; but I am hanging on cause my daughter is at the movies and I have to wait up until she gets home.

So what am I doing to stay awake? First of all, I have uploaded every photo that I have yet to print. Cool...the rest of Disney and July 4 and my LATE birthday celebration at Red Robin. If I print all of them it will be over $40 so I am going to print most of them.

Tomorrow I am going to Mandy's wedding. It is a strange rite of passage...Mandy was just in high school when I met her, a small little child playing in the high school band. Strange that tomorrow she will be a married woman.

Then I am thinking (my mind is very ADD right now), about song lyrics...some of them are downright stupid, but I just keep on singing them. I will list some of the stupid songs on my playlist now.
1. Super Trooper-ABBA
2. Who is it-MJ
3. Rockstar-nickelback (this is not a clean song)
4. Let's get rocked-Def Lep
5. You know my name, look up the number-The Beatles
6. 1984--Wings
7. CAn you feel it?-the Jacksons
8. Who'll stop the rain?-CCR
9. Bop til you drop-yes, it's a kids song I do not care, I like it
10. Soarin-WDW
11. Splash mountain medley-WDW
12. Dirty Diana-MJ
13. Tug of War-Paul
14. Action-The Sweet
15. Jeepster-T Rex
16. Give Ireland back to the Irish-Paul
17. 15 step-Radiohead
18. Foolin-Def Lep
19. smooth criminal-MJ
20. Flightless Bird, American Mouth

These are subject to change at a moment's notice. I expect any day I will go to a mainly Def Lep list as I am just a few days out from seeing them live.

Thinking about my son too, he has decided to give football a try....football. I hate football. It is too stinking cold! I am NOT going to do well at this. I think I might schedule staff meetings around the games...Mom's don't need to see their boys do football do they? I am so not looking forward to this.

You know at this point...I think I am much to tired to talk about anything. I was trying to take a Def Leppard quiz and I was even missing questions. I am totally gonna kick myself in the morning for that...see ya

22 July 2009

New Love

Today I am going to talk about some new loves...are you ready for this?

Over the last 19 years or so, I have seen every episode of Law and Order in all it's various forms. I have had many teams that I have loved: Benson/STabbler, Bricoe/Green, Briscoe/Curtis, Goren/Eames, and Bernard/Lupo...and there were some that I did not like. Fontana? Blah Wheeler? Blah WAIT!!! Wheeler, no I have never really been a fan of yours, I would watch you with Logan fretting over your lines, and you two had no chemistry. I hated it, but I did like Logan so I watched through it. Then Zach Nichols walked through the door! Of course, I love Jeff Goldblum. I have liked his work for years and even told my husband when Curtis was leaving, "he would be good on that show." No one ever listens to me, especially not Dick Wolf. Anyway, life went on, and then years later Jeff got the RAines tv show. I was a huge fan from the get go. I watched all ____ (it went by so fast it's a blur) episodes. I was sad to see it go...but then rumors started flying. Noth wanted out, he wanted to be a movie star; hopefully wheeler was going to, maybe bring back Whitt. Then the news came out "Jeff Goldblum to join the cast of CI". I was so thrilled. What would he character be like? You knew just from the folks that he portrays that he was going to have to play it sort of like a Goren, and that excites me. I like Goren, but I know that the actor is just as unstable as the character and that you never know what he is going to do onscreen or offscreen.

On his first appearance you could see that there was going to be an air of mystery. What did 9-11-01 do to him? Where has he been for 7 years? Where is his wife? How is he hooked up with the captain? But also, you could see a connection...a connection with WHEELER. Will it be a romance? A big brother thing? Will he help with the baby? He has even made her interesting to me, she is not just a wallflower basking in Logan's dust. She is shinning... he is treating her like an equal, even if she doesn't have all the answers like he does. DAre I say that it is sort of like a Goren/EAmes in that respect? Yes it is! I love it! Mr. Goldblum you have energized one of my favorites shows and hopefully got it the attention it needs to get back on network so my mom can see it. Wonderful acting, wonderful stories, wonderful job. Thank you for entertaining me every other sunday at 8pm on the USA network where characters are welcome.

04 July 2009


You have all read (hopefully) about Trevor being grounded. I am telling you this child just must play...it doesn't matter when, how, or with what; he has to play. So he was grounded from certain toys and his friend, so he just had to be creative and think, "what can I play with that mom won't get mad?"

I keep my morning "get ready" stuff in the living room, make-up, curling irons; and also in there is my sewing basket that holds whatever I am sewing at that time. They are in 2 baskets that sit on the side of the recliner. My son got into a 1 foot space between the wall and the recliner and began to play with the curling iron and the flat iron. The 2 irons were fighting with each other and making these great gun sounds. And of course he threw in the typical "sword fighting" techniques that one usually uses when one plays swords.

When I asked him,"why do you want to play with curling irons?" He said, "I am grounded from all the fun things". Enough said!

See ya