25 April 2021

It's Gonna Be May----Book Pick

 The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner is a book I fell in love with the minute I began chapter one.  Let me try to sum this up without ruining any plot lines for you.  

  The book takes place in two time periods, the late 1790s and the present day.  In the past timeline, we meet an old woman that makes poisons to kill men and only men.  These men would have wronged a woman in some way or they would not have been poisoned.  

The present-day timeline introduces us to a woman that is very unhappy in her lot.  She is looking for something to complete the empty spot in her life when she joins a group and discovers a vial that once belonged to an apothecary.  This little action starts a journey to discover the past and creates a new problem as well.  

I thought this book was perfect from start to finish. I would not change a thing from the cover to the last page.